Hello, Stranger…

Hello my dearest WordPress followers – and those who follow me on Twitter –

Sorry I’ve not been hanging out here so much! I figured that I’d give you a run through what my life has been like for the last few months, seeing as I haven’t been here since…

*checks date of last post* 9th September! Wowzers…

So since my last post (aptly titled Personality Transplant), I have actually fallen into a relationship with a friend, who I have known for about six years (maybe even longer!). I have been seeing Dan since, well, just after that post and, do you know what? It’s actually going amazingly well. Because we were friends beforehand, I’ve found it not to be that awkward in the honeymoon phase; rather than trying to impress each other too much; because we know each other already, we’ve just been having a lot of fun, laughing at the same weird things and generally getting on. I think he would even argue that we haven’t really had a honeymoon phase, because I have put him through so many of my little embarrassments – you know, The Sleep Drooling on his chest phase (which should be around the 6 month mark) and the No Make Up Face phase (which probably should be around a year mark – curses, being a swimming teacher!). In my other relationships, it seems that I only got to know the ex’s for about two weeks before calling them my boyfriend, so maybe this change will show for an even stronger, more successful relationship than it’s predecessors. I feel massively accepted and probably a little bit embarrassed by what I have revealed in four tiny small months but that’s awesome too.

Alongside this, I have been hanging out with friends a lot more with and without Dan. It hasn’t bothered me in the slightest when Dan has decided not to go to the pub or whatever, because I am just enjoying my friends’ company a lot more. The fact that he also made an effort to talk to my bestest boy buddies (and their fiancées) on Christmas Eve was a welcome bonus – and one that I wasn’t expecting – which actually made one of my boys say, “Well, at least he talked to me; that’s more than a few of your last ones ever did!”

I have sort of detached myself from my family a little bit more – and not in a bad way. I love my family (inclusive and extended) and I’m very lucky that we all get on and are quite similar but it got to a stage where I was seeing them every single day and little things were starting to make me mad – as they would if you were seeing someone every single day and so I decided to detach myself a little more and I have found myself much more relaxed and that I’m not quite as mad as them as I usually am.

I have found that I haven’t had to go and see my counsellor for a while, because I just haven’t found myself in a ‘deep dark saddened place’ where I’ve needed to speak to someone. I have felt sad over Christmas, with the memory of my Dad not being around, but that is to be expected and as soon as I get up and go, I’m fine again. Of course, I donated my £50 to Cancer Research in his memory as I do every year 🙂

I have put on weight. Yes, I have. Not much, but still, it’s back there. I think that comes with being in a happy, comfortable relationship. And Christmas. So I’m not too sad about it, but I am going to make a conscious effort in the New Year to melt the lard that’s gathered around my stomach and thighs. I know I have said that a billion times, but maybe this time I might mean it and not get bored of it after two weeks. Plus, being in a positive frame of mind probably helps bucket loads when it comes to being motivated and putting your mind to things.

So that’s me in a nutshell since September. I promise to blog more (I have a few more posts in my brain that I have to splurge out on a a computer screen), but I don’t think it’ll be too beauty related for the New Year. I kinda like these personal posts where you guys get to know me a bit better and I get to release every little thought tangent that might pop out of my tiny mind on this corner of the web. What d’ya think? Anyways. Back to work…


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