New Year Resolutions for 2014

What up, peeps?

Today is a pretty self explanatory post. My New Year Resolutions for the upcoming year. I always love to reflect this time of year; it’s a time to realise what you’ve learned to make your life that bit easier for your upcoming years, things to avoid for the future and, of course, give yourself some little missions to achieve – or fail at, depending on how successful you are at keeping your’s!

For me, the resolutions are always pretty much under the same headings. About weight (obvs!), what I can do to better myself (or think will better myself) and usually there’s a social one squeezed in there somewhere.

So firstly, the weight. I set off determined with my weight loss goal of ’13, but towards the end of this year, I have put on weight again and sort of broken even. I think. I haven’t actually weighed myself for a few weeks. Tomorrow, I shall weigh myself for my starting date for the New Year. I will then proceed to weigh myself half way through the month and again on the first of the next month. I will focus on my diet and gym. I even plan to restart the 30 Day Shred tomorrow with a New Years hangover.

My personal resolution is just to be nicer. Be nice to the people I love, because sometimes I can be dry and cutting without realising it and I shouldn’t be like that to those I respect and love. I’m slightly on a mission to find out what my calling in life is. I love my job and swimming teaching, but as far as skill sets go, mine are not very adaptable to other positions and jobs. I just think I’m missing something else that I could be doing and getting more fulfilment out of. I don’t know, maybe I just need a change.

Socially, I would love to get back involved in Twitter. I fell out of love again with Twitter this year, so I think that’s something I would love to pursue again. Get involved in the blogger meet ups. Meet some amazing people that I wouldn’t have met before. Just get out there, I guess. Last year, my resolution was to say yes to more social things and I think that’s worked well for me over the last 12 months. I feel like I did a lot more than I probably would’ve done, so I’m planning on keeping that going more too.

2014 sounds like it’s going to be a good year. Maybe because it’s an even number and not tarred with being an unlucky omen. But I am feeling positive about the next 12 months and I’m looking forward to where it’ll take me.

Have a happy and healthy New Year, all! See you on the other side!


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