Weigh in 1 of 2014!

Like a plaster, this morning I ripped it off as quick as I could and jumped on the scales. I haven’t weighed myself since long before Christmas and, seeing as Dan and I love takeaway and chips, I was expecting a shabby result.

Today, I weigh 175.7lbs. I think this is the most I’ve weighed in a year and I am pretty disappointed that I put on the weight that I lost. As my next weigh in will be on 15th January for my mid-month weigh in, I’m hoping to be 170lbs or less. Although, today with my New Year hangover, I don’t think I’ll be too successful on day one.

For this month, I’m not drinking alcohol (for Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon) either, which I think will help my weight loss. Today (probably later!), I’m going to restart the 30 Day Shred as well. And I will be returning to the gym to restart the C25K running programme. I will be restarting my Herbalife too (again, more focus tomorrow after my Nando’s hangover cure!) and generally eating healthier.

My end goal is around the 140lbs mark, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind just reaching 150-155lbs and see how I feel. I am looking forward to this year and hope that this is changed for the better.


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