Redundancy: The Outcome and What Next

So, on Thursday, I had my consultation meeting. That means, a meeting to try and create a brand spanking new post for me to avoid redundancy. My bosses outlined what they had already offered me as a counter offer and I reiterated that that wasn’t suitable for me, as it’s not enough money. They suggested that, as they had employees who had been there for less than a year, they could reduce their hours to give to me as all of our instructors are on a zero hours contract. Honestly, that didn’t sit comfortably with me. All except one of our instructors have families with young kids and taking hours from them just isn’t me. I think I’m more morally grounded than that.

Anyway. After about half an hour, to-ing and fro-ing about different options (of which there were loads), we finished with my acceptance of redundancy, but I’ll also be teaching for a few hours on the weekend so at least I’ll still have income (albeit a small one) whilst I figure out what to do next. My last official day at my current role as a client services manager will be on Thursday 13th February, four weeks away, and that means I can keep applying for jobs and going for interviews and actually knowing where I stand.

I’m feeling much more positive about the whole thing. I’ve actually become a Herbalife distributor and wellness coach (please, please ‘Like’ my Facebook page >here<), so I’m hoping that that might generate some income and, again, buy me time in order to find a new job. It might even become my full time job; who knows? I’m really excited about what might happen and what could happen in the future. I’m actually really lucky that I have so many options.

Today, I’m going to be applying for other local jobs within administration, marketing and social media. I might even look at what courses are available to help my case! We’ll see how we go, anyway. Four weeks is a long time to change my career 🙂


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