Where am I now? A Redundant Update.

So when I last wrote in my blog, I had written extensively about my redundancy and what was happening. And I thought I’d just follow that up with an update of what else has been happening since in my little bubble.

So after the consultation meeting and the redundancy had been decided, I started applying for jobs, left, right and centre (LinkedIn has been amazing for that!), and I’ve been fortunate enough to be getting interviews throughout the last month of my working in my current role. I started including other franchises far away as I don’t have kids, I don’t have a mortgage, so nothing is really tying me down to stay in Essex and I’m getting quite bored of the ‘posey’ culture that TOWIE has graced our county with. So I applied for Brighton, as it’s not too far away, and Exeter, as I have a lot of university friends down there, as well as other roles elsewhere. I actually got an interview in Brighton and was really excited about the prospect of moving and starting all over again. It’s actually the same role that I’m doing now, so it’s a sure thing. Right?

Wrong. Didn’t get the position and actually, for the first time in my life, cried about not getting a job. I really had my heart set on it, as it was what I was doing already and a clean break, but someone had swooped up the position as they lived closer and had relevant experience. Absolutely heart-wrenching.

Ironically, when I started applying for other franchises, my current franchise had decided to backtrack and look at other ways in which they could keep me. They still couldn’t offer me enough money, so I still declined and agreed to redundancy.

On another note, I’ve actually started advertising myself on Gumtree (link here), in the hope that someone will see my advert and offer me a job there and then. Again, this has been quite positive with responses – not overwhelming with emails, but still, I’ve got a few dribs and drabs coming in, which is good as well. My friends have been sharing it all over Facebook, so I’m hoping I’ll go viral. Lolz.

Luckily, although I have nothing to go to, my current bosses have given me some overtime at a Baby Show and have said that I’m first point of call for any swimming teaching cover. So that’s good as well.

During all of this, my granddad had a mild stroke. Thankfully, only mild and he’s getting the medical attention and treatment that he needs, as he’s in the bracket of old people that are prone to getting strokes, albeit only mild ones – he’s diabetic, had pneumonia and generally getting older. The first mild stroke he didn’t even realise he’d had, so this time, it was a little bit more of a shake up for everyone when he’d noticed it!

With all of this, my diet and exercise has gone to shit. Basically, I am the most unmotivated I have been, but I think that’s just because I’m feeling so down about everything. It’s so unlike me – I’m usually the annoying, overly positive person that you hate when you’re feeling crap about yourself.

Immy has suggested that I take a few weeks’ off and just chill out, before starting to stress. I’m lucky in that I have a family who can support me, although I don’t really want to borrow from them. I think I need these couple of weeks as well to just restart restart my diet and go to the gym and just focus on what I want and where I want to be. My applications have been very sporadic within social media, reception, secretarial work and basic administration in so many different industries that I just need to refocus as to where I want to be and what I enjoy doing the most.

Unfortunately, I thought that was the job I’m finishing off this week, but it wasn’t meant to be.


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