Day one of being unemployed.

Today is Monday. Today is the first official day of being unemployed. I am not looking forward to today.

I’m very wary that I am not earning any money today. Luckily, I have been ever so good and not spent much of my redundancy; I’ve ensured that I have paid my bills for the next two months by splitting it into my bills account so that I know I’m safe for a while in terms of living. And I’m not going to spend money on things that I don’t need.

I’ve come up with a weekly plan to make sure that I stick to everything that I need to do and I need to make sure that I keep myself motivated so I’m still going to be “working” in a 9am until 5pm timeframe. I just won’t be working!

There are dribs and drabs of work that I will be doing, but it’s only 5 hours teaching per week. That’s still better than nothing, but it only works out at less than £400 per month. Luckily, my Herbalife has been paid for already and I have some potential clients for some extra monies coming in. With Herbalife, I think this small break (which I hope it will be!) will encourage me to push the product further and stick to it better.

Here’s hoping that my current motivation will work in my favour to get me a job quickly!


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