Time for a Spring Clean.

So the last post I wrote was about how the #100daysofhappy challenge was a sad one because I shouldn’t need an excuse to try and find reasons to be happy, yadda yadda yadda.

I was wrong. WRONG.

I think today would work out to be around day 30 of my challenge and this week, I have been Miss Grumpy. Capital ‘M’, capital ‘G’. I have been struck down with a virus, probably from one of the billions of babies that I teach. Particularly if you’re one of my Facebook friends, you would know that I am THE worst sick person ever. I have moaned all week. Publicly and privately. Luckily, D was awesome at looking after me and just got on with making me feel better. Today is the first time I’ve actually got out of bed, not felt nauseous or headachey. Hooray! It’s meant that I’ve missed out on most of my wage this week as I’ve been poorly. Sads.

ANYWAYS. Why am I writing today? Well, for sort of a mind spring clean, I guess.

I’ve decided to dedicate some more time to my blog. Well, more than I have been. Which actually isn’t hard, as I’ve been completely rubbish at blogging in 2014 so far. Time has just completely rushed by and I have realised I’ve not really done at all that much this year. I can’t quite believe it’s April already and, with the start of Spring, I’ve started to readdress my ambitions this year.

As much as I’m loving my job, I have decided to start actively looking again. I don’t necessarily have any role in mind, just anything that complements both my degrees and my experience, but my next term finishes mid-July, so I am looking for something to start in August. But if I don’t find anything, that’s okay too. As I say, I do love my job and I think that it would be flexible for me to stay where I am, just in case I get to that age where I do want children. I know that the company have an extremely flexible maternity leave process, seeing as it’s a baby swimming company.

There are a couple of issues that I’m having with the work right now, but that will change in May. Firstly, on Friday, I have to travel for an hour to the first pool, teach for three hours, jump in my car to another pool, teach for another hour and a half, and hit rush hour traffic on the M25 at precisely the wrong time, so it takes me over two hours of crawling traffic to get home. Secondly, one of the Friday pools is giving me a rash. I’m not sure which, but it’s affecting my legs. Luckily, I can give these hours up for next term so won’t be in there from mid-May, and I’ll be extending my more local hours anyway.

I really want to buy a home so I’m starting to save for that now like a grown up. I’ve started going out less and impulse buying (something which has been really hard to curb), because my ambition is to have at least a deposit on a house by the end of next year. I am moving back to my old house next month, which my Mum owns and rents to me (bonus!) and it’s relatively cheaper than where I am living right now. And, in fact, the only thing I have left to splurge on this year is my holiday to Egypt in about a month’s time so I should be in pretty good shape from then.

I still really want to move to Brighton although this is looking more like a pipe-dream rather than a realistic target. I did email the Brighton franchise again, but I’ve not heard anything back from them as of yet and, now that D has a full time job in Essex, I don’t particularly want to leave him behind.

Other than that, everything else has been okay. My relationship with D is still going strong – it’s amazing to compare where I was last year to how I’m feeling this year. I have actually started to appreciate myself a lot more. Of course, I still have the weight to lose, but I’m starting to look at myself and realise that I’m not actually that bad and it could be worse. Brand new thought process, people! And, by the way, with my weight loss, it is actually going somewhere and I’m starting to lose a lot more than I did beforehand. So that’s also good!

It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks and I’m going to be 27. That’s late twenties. Why is it, when you’re little, you want to be older, but you only imagine yourself to be around 18 years old?? I’m nearly ten years older than my younger self thought I’d be. I’ll be going to my local pub and getting pretty drunk, as my birthday actually falls on a bank holiday. Woo! Planning on spending that Monday, asleep on a takeaway pizza…




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