Job Search and Saving Pennies: Update

Hey gang.

So I’m hanging tight for teaching around 15 hours a week until around about July time but I have started looking at jobs again. After making a lot of effort and wasting time, I have decided that applying for jobs on LinkedIn or reed just doesn’t work – I don’t know if it’s my CV or whatever, but I’ve applied for hundreds and never heard anything back from anywhere – so I’m taking a bit more of a proactive approach, rather than lazily clicking ‘Apply’ from my app.

It seems that the only interviews I ever really got were through an awesome recruitment agent based locally, so I’ve started looking at recruitment agencies all over the place. Still determined as ever – probably even more so – to move to Brighton, I’ve been zooming my CV to all these lovely recruitment agencies. And what have I heard back?

Nada. I know the job market is tough out there and I’m probably not helping myself by a) being stuck in a contract until the end of July (ish – my employer will let me go during the week, but I’ll still have to teach on a Saturday) and b) not being in the location where I actually want to work. I am pretty motivated to get down there now with the sun shining and my home town getting more ‘TOWIE-fied’ by the second. I feel like I’m ready to start afresh. D’s full time work has fallen through, so now I don’t feel as guilty trying to make my dream a reality, because now it’s more likely that he’ll be able to make the move with me. He’s still working, but it’s nothing as permanent as we’d hoped.

I’ve really started saving for a house, which is another massive bonus and I’m actually managing to save more than I thought I would originally, because I’ve really tightened up all of my spending habits and going out even less. Even this weekend (Easter), we’re doing things for nothing or for less than I would usually. If the weather’s nice, we’re going to a beach with D’s sister, partner and nephew (and Ozzy because he’s never been on a beach before and I think it’s going to be hilarious!). Saturday will be a massive house sort-out day – I’ve still got stuff to throw out before we move to the other house – and Sunday, it’s my birthday, so that’s going to be the only splurge day where we’ll be getting absolutely steaming in the pub.

If I can somehow entwine the two together and manage to buy a house in Brighton with securing a job, that would be the ultimate fluffy cake with frosted icing. D and I spoke about it seriously yesterday and I think it’s more than likely that we’ll have enough money for a deposit on a house by this time next year, if we’re still together – if not, it’ll take me a little longer! Unfortunately, it means major cut backs on the luxuries but I think we’re both determined to do it – I know I am! – so there’s nothing stopping us. I would love my own housing empire and I’d like to think I’m somewhere on track with getting there, now that I’m settling down and not wasting my money on stuff. If I got a full time job, it’ll be easier to save as I’m getting paid as I go so no holiday pay when I go away for ten days next month! But I am picking up extra office shifts, so I’m hoping it won’t affect me too much… I suppose we’ll see when it happens. 

Generally, I’m feeling really positive about the future. I know I need a new job and that this job isn’t forever, because my skin is screaming at me to hydrate it and my hair feels like straw from the remnants of bleach underneath the brown dye. But it’s fine for now and I’m motivated to get to where I really want to be. 


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