The Butterfly Effect and other What If’s?

Today, I visited my grandparents. I love them. They are definitely my favourite people in the world and I visit them weekly. Last week was my Granddad’s birthday but, due to work, I couldn’t see him on his birthday and this year was the one year I managed to buy him an awesome birthday present (old people are so hard to buy for!).

My grandparents are from Ireland; one’s from Co. Kerry and one’s from Co. Cork, but I always get them muddled so I won’t assign them to a county each. They both came from farming families and my Nan’s family were quite wealthy farmers, whereas my Granddad’s were not so much. They met when my Granddad was working for other farms and fell in love and, when my Nan got pregnant with my Mum (which was massively not allowed in Catholic Ireland – I’m sure they’re much more lenient now!), they got married and immigrated to the UK.

On my drive back from my grandparents’ today, I was really thinking about how that act of moving abroad really affected all of our family’s lives. I could quite literally be Irish right now, living in Ireland – in fact, I wouldn’t even exist, because my Mum wouldn’t have met my English Dad and so half of me would be UK based, the other half Irish based (if that even makes any sense!).

It really makes me think about all of the little choices I have made throughout my life. Even the smallest things.

The first thing that popped into my head was my uni choice. That was probably the most recent of crossroads, where I could’ve gone to Canterbury or Plymouth to study Sociology. I could’ve chosen not to go to uni and stayed at home and worked. Even when I chose Plymouth, I could’ve picked somewhere else to live. I wouldn’t know any of the people I had met where I lived both at uni and at work, but I would’ve met completely different people (I’m not a hermit!) and I could be in a different place entirely.

Then, as I delve deeper, there’s my food choices. Right now, I am VERY naughty in my food choices – the motivation just isn’t there and I have been a fast food junkie because I have not planned as well as perhaps I should have! BUT, if I had been better with my eating and exercise, I would be in a different shape altogether… And probably healthier too…

I always try and act appropriately and thoughtfully, so my actions don’t impact negatively on others, but maybe I should act so that there’s a more positive spin on my own life. Although I’ve left it too late to really get in shape for holiday (t minus 9 days, by the way!), there’s no harm in making healthier food choices as a starting point.

More fruit. More water. More movement. Less fried foods! Less sweets! Less lazing around!


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