Crappy Weekend

Today, I’m going to write about a particularly rubbish end to my weekend. Which has also run into this week and it’s only Tuesday.

So, on Friday, I went out for a cheeky few vodka and diet cokes, not too many as I had to be in the pool at 8.45am on Saturday for five hours. I woke up with a sore throat, but thought nothing of it and ended up teaching anyway. The pool was 33 degrees, but the air temperature was a huge 41 degrees. And, of course, this was the day after the pool owner had told us not to open any of the doors to the pool area.

On top of that, I had received a letter, saying that my car wasn’t insured. What? I had organised it to be running as a direct debit to the insurance company. After investigating, none of the direct debits had come out! Wow. So I had to organise that straight away, so that I didn’t get pulled over and my car taken away from me.


My body did not cope very well at all with the temperatures in the pool on Saturday and so, on Sunday, when I taught in a hydrotherapy pool, which runs at a minimum of 34 degrees, I felt extremely sick. I had a banging headache, my nose was snotty and I could barely speak. On top of that, I also forgot my teaching kit, so had to jump around in the pool in my pants and a spare t-shirt that I found at the venue.

At the end of those five hours, my voice had completely given up and I went straight home and to bed at 7:30pm, sleeping all the way through. I called in work sick on Monday as I was feeling absolutely rubbish and I went to the doctor’s. I’m now on antibiotics for the whole week to recover from this stupid infection.

The worst thing is that I had this infection a couple of weeks’ ago and had to take the whole week off of work to recover, was fine last week and now it’s back with a vengeance. And I don’t get sick pay, so I’m potentially missing out on two weeks’ pay for this month. Another shitty thing about all of this is that it’s my last week at Water Babies and it was not how I was planning on finishing work with a company that I respect and really enjoyed working with. I can’t wait to get out of the pool and hopefully not catch anything else. Water is the worst carrier for all infections!

Today is Tuesday and I feel super low. I feel like I have been surrounded by a lot of negativity and most of it has been unsupportive. I do have a plan (which will hopefully come into action very shortly and I’ll be able to reveal everything), but I have decided to seperate myself from the negative people, from those who don’t believe in me. It’s a bad realisation as some of this is from the people that you would expect to be closer to me. But I don’t need the “You can’t do that” and “You’ll be rubbish at that” in my ear, niggling at me. And I know for a fact I can do what I’m planning to do and I will be able to do it well.

It’s probably the antibiotics alongside the cabin fever, impacting my feelings today. Luckily, I have Oz lazing around with me today, so it’s been quite chilled. D will be home soon anyway, so I can have my cry to him about everything. I just feel like my blog is a safe zone to explode every once in a while.


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