Ozzy & Me… And Granddad

Today, Ozzy and I went to see my grandparents. Ozzy loves my Nan and Granddad. So much so, you can wind him up before we even get there, just by saying, “Oz, do you wanna see Nanny and Granddad?!?” and then you have to calm him down to put his collar and lead on, because he’s literally running circles around the house.

Nan and Granddad also love Ozzy. We’ve always had big dogs in our family and they love how little he is and the character that comes with it. Granddad has been poorly this year, having both a stroke and a diabetic attack within weeks of each other, and I love to visit them once a week to cheer him and my Nan up. They don’t venture outside anymore, due to a couple of reasons, so it’s nice to visit them.

As soon as we pulled up today, my Granddad was in the driveway and Ozzy started whimpering. I haven’t seen him do that for anyone apart from D and my Mum! He literally sat by Granddad’s feet the whole time, looking up at him whilst Granddad “sneakily” fed him biscuits – “sneakily” in that he thinks I don’t see him put the biscuits in his pocket to feed Oz the whole time whilst I’m there.

Today, when we left, I didn’t kiss my grandparents goodbye as I still have the lurgy. But I told Ozzy to kiss both of them and the way my Granddad’s eyes lit up when I told Oz to kiss him and Oz proceeded to lick the entirety of Granddad’s face was incredible.

I absolutely love that, even though he’s so little, he can cheer someone up with just one small act of affection.


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