August Weight Update

I know this post is a few days late; the weekend caught up with me and my chest infected bod so I ended up pretty tired and slept all of Sunday.

Today’s post is about weight. Hooray. My constant battle with my weight is getting me down but, now I’m officially unemployed, I think this is something I can really focus on.

So my weight on 1st August is 183.1lbs. +43.1lbs on top of my uni weight.

Honestly, I haven’t been trying hard enough this year. I put on 10lbs just from becoming settled in my relationship.

So where do I go from here? I am back on my Herbalife diet, which I restarted on 1st. I plan to go to the gym 3-5 times a week, depending on what I have planned during the day. I’m also planning on taking Ozzy for at least two walks a day.

My goal is to lose 2lbs per week, however I’ve decided to only weigh myself once a month. Just because I get so obsessed with the numbers, I end up weighing myself everyday and it’s not healthy! Hopefully, my next weight check in will be 175lbs as that’ll work out at my weekly goal.

I am massively motivated, as I have nothing else to think about. Well, other than the whole job thing…


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