An Update: Buying A Franchise is HARD

Hi guys,

I haven’t written on here for ages, so thought I’d do a quick update on EVERYTHING that’s happened in my life. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote on here, but it must’ve been around 1st Aug and probably to do with my monthly weigh ins. This probably won’t focus around a weigh in post, but just a round up of my life as we know it.

So work. I am still looking into buying a local baby activity franchise, however there has been a bit of a spanner in the works. And that spanner is the cheeky seller asking for a higher selling price than her business is worth. How do I know this? Well, I visited the area managers last week for a chat, to make sure they like me and know the financial aspects of the business (the franchise fees, what sort of business I should be, whether a sole trader or limited, etc.) and they worked out how much I’d earn in my first year of running the business if I wasn’t to expand. It’s much less than I’d be investing. I knew it’d be less, but wasn’t expecting it to be that much less. So now, I have to get the business evaluated and start negotiating. Head. Ache.

In the meantime, I’m working at my local pub for most of the week. It’s my first real shift today after two shadow shifts last week. And it’s a Monday, so it’ll probably be dead. Which is fine by me. While I’m working there, I’m potentially saving monies on my car, as it won’t be depreciating by the sheer amount of miles I was doing when I was driving to work – I’m literally four doors down from the pub, so I don’t have to drive at all, which also saves money on petrol. Because some of my shifts will be in the evening, I also won’t be spending as much money on doggy daycare, which I’ve not been spending on at all whilst I’ve not been working! So, overall, I should be able to save while I’m working there.

I’ve finished a four week contract with Water Babies SE London, but they’ve now asked me to cover up until and including 13th Dec for 6 hours on a Saturday. So, again, more money coming in with an opportunity to save. I’m not on their payroll, so I have to invoice them each month, which is something I’ve never actually done before, so another skill to add to my collection – alongside pulling pints at the minute, ha. WB SE London also know I’m buying a franchise, so are being very lenient to my working there too, which is really nice.

Alongside this (yes, I’m still talking about work!), I have two one-to-one swimming lessons a week! One is a lady who has been advised to swim to help her back and the other is my friend’s toddler! So yeah. Super busy with work. Which is great, because I was getting so bored of being out of work, but now I have so much work that, even if it’s until December and the business gets up and going, I will still be saving enough money to even look into holidays! Ha.

Next, D. I’ve been with D for near on a whole year now. It has flown by and it’s still going really well. I am super sickeningly happy. Like, seriously. I won’t go on about it too much, but yeah. All good.

Next, weight. This has sorta been fluctuating the last couple of months. But I’m hoping, with all my running around, it’ll sort itself out. I have to learn to drink more water. Especially on my restaurant shifts and 6 hours in the pool. I’m aiming to walk 15k steps a day on my Fit Bit and Oz gets dragged around for two hours a day. I’m also running and swimming again from yesterday, and trying to squeeze in a five week running programme into the next three weeks before I go on holiday! Yes, holiday. For a week. Can’t wait!

Anyways. I have to throw some make up on for work in half an hour! Nice to catch up and I’ll promise to try and write some more when I have time 🙂


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