Renewing my Domain Name

Another month has passed and I’ve actually just got back from a family holiday in Tenerife. I had several emails from WordPress, regarding renewing my domain name. For now, I have done so, but I don’t think that the domain name actually goes in line with what I do on my blog anymore. Which is mostly about my life, my feelings and my emotions. So I’m having a rethink about the whole domain name. What do you think is a good name over in my little corner of the web?

Another quick update. So D and I are saving like crazy cats for our holiday. I am still working a lot, but I don’t really mind. The other week, I actually came down with gastroenthiritis, something I’ve had twice this year so, that alongside my week’s holiday, I suppose I’ve not really been working long enough to moan about it.

Some exciting news. D and I have also been talking about getting another dog! Ozzy is getting pretty bored of the pair of us – and it’s not through lack of walking or playing, because I take him out about four times a day. I just think he would love some other company to get him through the day and, with my working more at home in the future and D finishing work early in the day, it’s something that is definitely viable. It might be something we look into after Cancun though, as monies are a bit tight and we’re just saving for everything right now – we’re even hoping to save for a house after the Cancun saving.

Anyways, other than that, there’s nothing really going on. I might make it a mission to blog daily – there always seem to be these ‘daily vlog’ challenges, but it doesn’t really translate for a blogger. And, honestly, I always forget to vlog – I have the YouTube Capture app on my phone, but my battery life is terrible through its constant use for Facebook and Instagram, so it is very rarely that I get my camera out and film stuffs in my life. But I think it’ll be good for me to fall back in love with blogging again. I do enjoy writing everything down when I remember to, ha.


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