See ya later, 2014.

Happy New Year, readers. We finally made it to 2015 and, honestly, I probably couldn’t feel more relieved. 2014 SUCKED. This is going to be a more reflective post about my year and what I want to change for the future, so bear with me – it probably won’t have much structure…

The beginning of the year, I was faced with redundancy of my perfect job. A job I believe I should still be doing now, which provided me with variety, highlighted my skills and revealed my passion, alongside linking my degree and all of my work experience all in one. Regardless, I continued to work for them under a different role, but found that the lack of variety and the non-exercise of the knowledge I learned at uni was not what I wanted so I quit, not knowing where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do.

Still, as one door closes another one opens – or so I thought – and I started the on-going struggle of trying to buy a franchise, together with working a shitty job that I hate. And that has been my life since September. I’m actually pulling the plug on everything now, as I’m so tired of it all.

My weight in 2014 hasn’t changed as much as I thought or in the way I thought it would. I put on. I’d like to say stress was a factor – it probably was, but the fact is I didn’t stop eating junk and I didn’t exercise as much as I wanted to. Something I seriously NEED to change for 2015.

A strain was emphasised in 2014 – I won’t go in much detail but I don’t think things will ever really be the same again. With this though, I discovered who the people were that I could really count on and, as I grow older, these are few and far between. I realised that I really don’t have many friends around me, which makes me extremely lonely.

The one thing that didn’t really suck in 2014 was my relationship with D. In fact, that grew stronger and we’re now planning things that I didn’t think I would. More on that in another post, I think.

My resolutions for 2015 are to lose weight (again!), find my happy place and to find a job that I’m happy in. I’ve completely lost sight of what I’m actually doing here. I don’t really fit in and I’ve got to make a change to make me happier. I don’t really know where to start but something’s got to give because I’ve not even been sleeping properly and that’s terrible when even your subconscious knows something’s up!

And so today, I’m going to write a huge list of what I want to do this year. And I’ll stick to it. For my own sanity and for a better year.


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