January Update

So I decided to give up with my franchise adventure. The seller was forcing me too much, so I decided to bow out. The weird news is now I’m back to baby swimming lessons! I sort of fell back into it. I started by covering an instructor who was abroad in the New Year, so I was covering her lessons. And now, I’m teaching for 7.5 hours per week, alongside covering teachers (which there has been a lot of recently, due to laryngitis, perforated ear drum and just general flu!) and I’m currently in Greenwich, helping this Water Babies franchise with their admin stuff. I covered for 14 hours at the weekend, so I’ve actually lost my voice…

I did miss swimming teaching and it seems like this is the direction my life is going into now, so I have inquired with my franchise about any courses that can help further my career! Cool, eh? I’m basically hoping to be the most qualified swimming teacher the world has ever seen 🙂

In terms of weight loss, I actually lost 6lbs! Go team. I decided to break down my weight loss goal into small, achievable goals. So the first goal is 10% of my actual body weight. I have a way left to go, but I’m hoping that I’ll reach that in a month and a half, ish. Here’s hoping anyway. In a couple of months, I’m going to Mauritius, so I am more determined than ever to get my bikini bod on. I’m tempted to take a progress picture tonight and see how much my body changes up until April (I go in May).

But yeah. Life is going on. I am still exercising all of my possible options, but if this is all I’m getting for now, that’s all I’m getting. And I’m happy with that. For now.


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