I know I promised to blog more…

… But then life got in the way.

After I wrote my holiday review, I had literally two days in between one holiday and going to Dublin for a weekend. And then, after being away for the weekend, my hours had changed so I was working six days a week. And, on my day off, I have to take my Nan to the post office, because my Granddad doesn’t want her to go on her own as she had a fall in April and hurt her head.

I have genuinely been so busy, I haven’t had much of a chance to think. I started Crossfit classes properly to get my fitness back on track – and before my second class had started, I fell off a stack of weights into the bars and hurt my back, so had to stop my fitness completely for three weeks now. And now I’m pretty much recovered, I had a car accident so don’t have a car – the quote came in today and it probably means my car will be written off 😦

Tomorrow, I’m starting a juice cleanse for three days. My diet has been shocking and, because I’ve not been exercising, I’ve been putting on a lot of weight. My family are holding a party on Saturday, I don’t eat vegetables and I figured that this would be a way to lose a little bit of weight as well as get nutrients my body needs but doesn’t get due to my fussiness. I’ll try and write a review about it after I’ve done it. But no promises.

Workwise, everything’s going fine. Yes, six days a week, but also, baby swimming teaching so not the worst job ever. I have about six weeks left until I have three weeks off, paid holiday. So it’s not all that bad. My hair and skin are definitely feeling being in the water for all that time though. My skin has got so dry and sore that the rubbing of my Fitbit Flex has started off some eczema on my wrist!

Dublin was amazing. It was my first time ever going and I’m mentally planning my next trip there, hopefully with D. I’m pretty sure I should’ve been living there all my life. The people are great, the place is so great to explore and the live music was incredible. I really need to find an excuse or find a way to include Dublin more in my life. It was so refreshing. I can’t believe it was a month ago! This month has really flown.

So what are the upcoming plans? Fix my car/buy a new car. Back to the gym. More weight loss (hopefully). Holiday in August. Surprise weekend trip for D’s birthday in October. And then Christmas.

Do you ever feel like you just lose the reigns on life sometimes? I completely feel like this year has ran away from me. I can’t believe it’s July already tomorrow.


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