Winged Eyeliner

How my make up looks today. Bloody winged eyeliner. Thanks, Jodi for sending me this 🙂 xo
winged liner


Oh. Hello, Blog! And Summer hair!

Hello long lost Interwebz friends. My word, it has been such a long time! There is really no excuse. Work has been a bit hectic of late and I seem to be running through my life in a sequence of work, working out and sleeping! I have really missed writing and so, I hope that I’m never kept away from you for a long time ever again! 🙂

The irony is not wasted on me at the fact that one of my last posts was about the shitty British weather we had been having, and now we’ve suffered a massive heatwave, including the hottest day since Summer 2006. I don’t even remember Summer ’06, but it must’ve been a belter! And now, today, when I’m actually posting this, it’s pissing it down with rain again…

Anyways, I’m back in full swing and I can’t wait to get back into my bloggy geekiness and share that with you all!

Today, I’m going to start with my epic hair journey! I have changed my hair YET again! This year has been mostly about my being in the swimming pool for anywhere between 3 and 10 hours a week. With our swimming lessons winding down, I decided that I really wanted a change as soon as I was out of the pool, so I actually didn’t cut or colour my hair for 12 weeks! I think that’s the longest I’ve ever not cut my hair and I could really tell with the disintegration of the ends of my hair along with the strawlike texture of the highlights that I’d put in, with the scent of eau de chlorine. *shivers*

So after finishing my teaching on Thursday, I popped to my hairdressers on Friday. And this is a photographic account of what happened…


So here’s the before, during, during and after. As you can see in the first picture, my roots were awful! I loved retrieving my normal hair colour after such a long time! I hadn’t seen those roots in about six years or so!  So step one was pour peroxide all over my hair and scalp. Surprisingly, this didn’t hurt as much as it did when I was blonde before – I still suffer with eczema, but not half as much as I used to, and after all, beauty is pain, right? – and then my hairdresser chucked on the purple afterwards. A small trim around my luscious locks and we’re at the finished look. Look how amazing it looks when it’s instagrammed!

20130729-163640.jpgYes, I still selfie with my unassuming dog.

I am absolutely loving this colour! Last night, however, I had to perform my first wash and it has started to fade already! I’m hoping that, if I just wash it twice a week until my next appointment in three weeks, I’ll be okay… Plus, the next time we put colour on it, it’ll attach to the molecules much better and last a lot longer. I experienced that with my bright red hair anyway. I really want to keep this hair forever and ever!

What changes have you made for this summer? Do you have any shampoos and conditioners to recommend for my colour to last for longer?

My Summer Skincare Regime

So it’s good to change your skincare every once in a while and I have been secretly hating the one I was using over Winter. It was not specific to my skin type and it just generally felt as though I was just doing it for the sake of doing it, rather than reaping in the benefits that a skincare product can have on your skin.

The other week, I wandered to Lakeside and decided that this had to change. I stopped off at the Clinique counter and had a proper chat with the lady on the stall, who identified me with combination skin (a bit of everything all at once) and she prescribed me with a brand new skin regime. Clinique use the 3 step skin care, which is so simple to use and is tipped at the way to your ‘cleanest and healthiest version of your skin’. For me, I love using the same brand for my skincare. It’s personal preference, I know some other bloggers love to mix and match, but I prefer to use the same because I feel like the products have been designed to work together, so why wouldn’t you put them together?


Firstly, there’s the mild liquid facial soap, which acts as a cleanser. Just one pump foams around my face and empties my pores of nasties.

Second, I put on my clarifying lotion (number 2, as this is for my skin type). Immediately, I feel my skin is nicely refreshed and squeakily clean.

Lastly, I put on my dramatically different moisturising lotion, for my moisture hit. I didn’t get on with this straight away, so I went back after a couple of weeks and it turns out you don’t use this on your already-oily t-zone. I’m getting on much better with it now.

The MUA really saw me coming, because she managed to sell me some make up remover that I’d been dying to try. The Take The Day Off make up remover is uh-maaaaazing and really removes all of my make up with one swipe. Even my stubborn mascara, which usually reappears in the morning when I’m using any other make up remover. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, I would massively recommend it. I also bought some of their eyecream, just to give it a whirl. I’m now late-mid twenties, so it’s time I really started looking after my eye area…!

Although extremely costly, I couldn’t recommend my Clinique regime any higher for this time of the year. I’m sure I’ll be changing it again when my skin gets used to it, but for now, I’m really enjoying it. The ladies at my Clinique counter were really, really helpful and I feel like I could go there for any other advice that I may need.

My Everyday Face of the Day

Woo hoo, I’m out of the pool more nowadays! That means that I get to play around with my make up more. Happy Franno. Today, I’m gonna show you my everyday make up, unless I’m in the pool for those two days a week. Hooray!



Base: Benefit’s The Porefessional, Dr Jart+ BB Cream (review coming soon!), Maybelline FitMe foundation (I’m shade 130), MUA blush in shade 2

Eyes: Mac Black Tracks gel eyeliner, Benefit They’re Real mascara

Lips: Sleek Pout Paint in 157 Pin Up

Lovely easy face, takes me about ten mins and lasts most of the day 🙂 Special kudos to my Sleek Pout Paint, which stays on my lips for ever.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Varnish

It feels like a fair old while since I’ve actually written anything beauty related on my blog, however I am starting to get quite a collection for the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnishes! I am totally loving bright and bold colours and, although I must have about a billion nail varnishes kicking around my house, Superdrug are really naughty in leaving their nail varnishes at the till for me to scoop up at the last minute. Which was the case for two of these beauties.






As the name suggests, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnish provides an extra glossy finish. I really love how reflective it is, but I completely recognise that it’s probably not to everyone’s taste! I’ve held onto Greenberry and Pomegranate for a while now and these were the nail varnishes I loved when I was holidaying in Antigua, back in March. Greenberry is still on my feet and is becoming my favourite toe-nail varnish. Pomegranate reminds me a lot of another Barry M favourite I have, which is Raspberry. I bought Dragon Fruit and Papaya at the weekend and totally love how subtly bright they are. They look like pastels, but with the shine, it really adds something a little extra and Papaya is bang on trend, being slightly neon.

Greenberry is amazing for quick opaqueness in just one coat, and the others need two or more, definitely. The staying power is pretty awesome, lasting for a whole week when I was away and they all dry fairly quickly for a speedy manicure.

Have you tried Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine varnishes yet? What’s your favourite spring/summer shade?

Look Beauty Double Hit Lip

Good afternoon, my beauties! Can you believe it’s going to be MARCH this weekend?! It totally feels like this year is flying by already!

With March hot on our tails, it’s time to get out those brighter colours. And the other month, Look Beauty had a free postage and packaging offer and, seeing as there isn’t a Look Beauty near me, I asked for the advice from the lovely Lisa at BrunetteBeautyBanter, who is always raving about Look Beauty products and she recommended Double Hit Lips, so I popped them into my basket!





I scooped up two shades in Pink Punch (shade 3), which is a bright neon pink and in Rose Riot (shade 5), which is a orangey, corally shade. Double Hit Lip is a lipstick at one end with a lipgloss at the other. The lipstick doesn’t appear to have much fragrance, but the lipgloss smells incredibly yummy and vanilla. Noms.


The lipstick for me feels quite drying, but I think that’s more because my lips are generally dryer in the winter and I’m constantly reapplying lippy as a result. I would say the longevity is increased when you use the lipgloss over the top, but you can definitely use them as individuals if its better for you. I really love the packaging, the ease of having both matching lipstick and lipgloss in one tube and that’s probably the biggest seller for me. The colours are definitely a massive ‘pop’ to any outfit and I love how Pink Punch definitely makes my face seem a whole bunch more interesting than just a normal nude lip. I definitely will purchase in other shades when I’m off of my spending ban! Look Beauty Double Hit Lips are £8.00 each and currently available at half price on the Look Beauty website >here<

Have you tried Look Beauty products? Or do you have the problem of counter less drugstores in your area?!

Soap & Glory ‘You Won’t Believe Your Eyes’



Soap and Glory, ‘You Won’t Believe Your Eyes’ Illuminating Under Eye Serum, £10.50 from Boots >available here<

Ozzy has been sick a lot recently. Last month, he had an operation on his eye and last week, he had kennel cough that he’d picked up from absolutely anywhere and it made me feel like a terrible owner, even though he can pick it up from a walk or from doggy day care or from anywhere else he has been! It sounded like he had something lodged in his throat and he was coughing to the point of throwing up and keeping us up all night! My eyes have suffered because of it, so I trundled down to Boots to pick up some exfoliator and, when I saw Soap & Glory products were on special offer, I decided to give their ‘You Won’t Believe Your Eyes’ moisture serum a go as well.

I don’t really use Soap & Glory products. There’s no reason why I don’t; I’ve just always found other alternatives that I have been in love with for years and have just kept with those. I have been using The Body Shop gel for eyes, but it doesn’t really do anything to my delicate eye skin. It’s just absorbed and I don’t think anything else of it.

YWBYE uses Live Yeast Cell Derivative which is posh for ‘the stuff that you find in haemorrhoid cream that people with baggy eyes have been using for years and years’, which lifts your eyes and depuffifies them, making you look almost human again. YWBYE includes moisturiser and anti-wrinkly bits for good measure as well.

The applicator is like a little roll on with three rollerballs, that you roll on your lower eyelid, from the inside out and I’ve been dabbing it dry and then chucking concealer over the top. The product is white, but turns to clear on application and is fragrance-free. I have to admit, this has been my saviour over the past week! I can feel the tightening under my eyes as soon as I’ve applied it and I’m sure it’s been brightening the underneath bits as well – just not brightening enough that I feel confident to leave it at that without the concealer.

I will definitely be repurchasing this product – although I don’t think that will be for a fair while, as you don’t need to use too much product each time.

Have you tried Soap & Glory products? Which would you recommend? What other eye products do you use?