August Weight Update

I know this post is a few days late; the weekend caught up with me and my chest infected bod so I ended up pretty tired and slept all of Sunday.

Today’s post is about weight. Hooray. My constant battle with my weight is getting me down but, now I’m officially unemployed, I think this is something I can really focus on.

So my weight on 1st August is 183.1lbs. +43.1lbs on top of my uni weight.

Honestly, I haven’t been trying hard enough this year. I put on 10lbs just from becoming settled in my relationship.

So where do I go from here? I am back on my Herbalife diet, which I restarted on 1st. I plan to go to the gym 3-5 times a week, depending on what I have planned during the day. I’m also planning on taking Ozzy for at least two walks a day.

My goal is to lose 2lbs per week, however I’ve decided to only weigh myself once a month. Just because I get so obsessed with the numbers, I end up weighing myself everyday and it’s not healthy! Hopefully, my next weight check in will be 175lbs as that’ll work out at my weekly goal.

I am massively motivated, as I have nothing else to think about. Well, other than the whole job thing…


Herbalifin’ for Weight Loss

So now I’m back in the swing of blogging (for now, anyway!), I thought I’d give you guys an update on my weight. The bottom line? I have 42lbs to lose to get to my goal, however my body fat percentage has been decreasing, so it is likely that my body fat is starting to turn into muscle. 

Over the last couple of months, with everything that has been going on in my little bubble, I haven’t necessarily focused on weight loss. Nonetheless I have still been moaning about it – and D will vouch for that! This week, I watched Obesity: A Year To Save My Life and I became more determined than ever to lose these last 40lbs. The 23 year old man on there (who was 400lbs) had managed to lose 100lbs in his first 90 days of dieting and exercising. If he can do that, why can’t I lose these pesky 40lbs? And in less time?! I’m not looking to lose these 40lbs in one week or even one month, but even if I lost a stone (14lbs) in a month and a half, I’d be over a third of the way through and there’s no reason why I can’t do that, is there? 

Becoming a Herbalife distributor has helped me look into weight loss more seriously and I have started focusing on my distributing career a lot more since I have no other employment prospects – from a business aspect, if I show my results, people will see my results and be interested to give it a go themselves. I have taken a before photo in a bikini and I’m hoping that eventually, I’ll feel comfortable enough to post a before and after photo on my Herbalife Facebook Page. But right now, I’m not quite there. I am feeling more energetic through the Herbalife programme, so I would say it’s working for me. There are definite rumours about the Herbalife programme, but if you want to discuss this with me, leave me a comment and I’ll let you know all the info that I have on Herbalife, how it works and why it is really good for you 🙂

I am still using my Fitbit and loving it. I have been aiming to reach 10,000 steps a day, which has been difficult when I’m spending 15 hours in the pool a week, but when I’m out of the pool, I have been working Ozzy for three times a day. He loves it. You can find me on – my username is frannooooo.

I’ll give you guys a real life weigh in update on 1st August – I’m trying to not weigh in so much because I tend to obsess about the numbers, which is not healthy! So I’ve decided to weigh in potentially once a month (if I can – once a fortnight, if I really can’t stand it!). Then, I can post you a weigh in graph like I used to and focus on how I’ve done in a month.

Positive Reinforcement

I am really motivated to get fit this year. I have followed #fitblr on tumblr and I have updated all of my weight-loss Instagrammers for motivation. This. Is. It.

To try and keep this motivation going, I’m going to reward myself every half a stone with something awesome. The first, a complete restyle of my hair. Now, I know this might not seem like a massive deal to you, seeing as I’m quite daring with my hair choices; my purple hair circa August 2013 will always go down in history as one of my favourite ever hairstyles (purples have more fun, btw), but I am bored of being brunette again. And, if I’m going to change my image with the weight, I might as well change it properly. I haven’t decided what I want to do yet, but my hairdresser is freakin’ awesome and, if I give her free reign of my hair, she just makes me look awesome each and every time. Honestly, when you’re not drinking for a whole month, you have to take joy in whatever you can get and, if this gives me that pleasure, don’t judge!

I haven’t decided what my full stone reward will be yet, but I hope I come up with something a little bit more epic than just the extreme makeover that I do every few months anyway. I am really excited about this getting-fit-weight-loss venture and hope that I keep this going throughout the year. It’s only 125 days until mine and D’s holiday that we’re actually going to put the deposit down for this week (eek!!), so it’s time to get serious about looking awesome on the beach or by the pool. 125 days doesn’t sound like a very long time, but that actually takes us to the month of May, people! Wishing the year away already and it’s only 2nd January… And on that note, it’s time for lunch. I’ll go and grab some celery sticks…

Weigh in 1 of 2014!

Like a plaster, this morning I ripped it off as quick as I could and jumped on the scales. I haven’t weighed myself since long before Christmas and, seeing as Dan and I love takeaway and chips, I was expecting a shabby result.

Today, I weigh 175.7lbs. I think this is the most I’ve weighed in a year and I am pretty disappointed that I put on the weight that I lost. As my next weigh in will be on 15th January for my mid-month weigh in, I’m hoping to be 170lbs or less. Although, today with my New Year hangover, I don’t think I’ll be too successful on day one.

For this month, I’m not drinking alcohol (for Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon) either, which I think will help my weight loss. Today (probably later!), I’m going to restart the 30 Day Shred as well. And I will be returning to the gym to restart the C25K running programme. I will be restarting my Herbalife too (again, more focus tomorrow after my Nando’s hangover cure!) and generally eating healthier.

My end goal is around the 140lbs mark, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind just reaching 150-155lbs and see how I feel. I am looking forward to this year and hope that this is changed for the better.

Weight Loss Restart: Week 1

This week has been a bit manic, with the break up and I’ve been working my arse off at both of my jobs, trying to earn money and figure out what I’m going to do next. With that, I’ve been trying to take Ozzy out as much as possible. He loves going for his walks and, honestly, I really enjoy taking him on them. It’s good for me to a) clear my head and b) add more steps onto my Fit Bit.

I’ve been dieting and logging everything on My Fitness Pal. It’s amazing how easy it is to log things on there and it’s also incredible how much I used to eat compared to how much I eat now! I’m also learning to not to continue eating when I’m full. I know, I probably should’ve learned that a long while ago, but hey! Some of the best lessons are learned later in life, I think.

So, I weighed in this morning and this is how I got on this week:

weight loss

This week, I lost 1.8lbs. I’m quite happy with that 🙂 I’m only 0.2lb off of my weekly target and I inhaled the entire of my emergency break up chocolate orange within 5 minutes, so if I’d had a better week, I probably would’ve lost the whole 2lbs. Not only that, today marks a 10lbs loss since starting with My Fitness Pal a few months ago 🙂 I can’t believe I’m nearly at my full stone for this year! Last week, I promised myself a bit of a clothes shop when I lose another 6lbs, but the fact that I have lost 10lbs so far this year has done wonders to my motivation and I want to keep going. There are a couple of obstacles to overcome for this week though, as I continue to busy myself:

  1. Tonight, I’m out for a meal at TGI Friday’s with my family. Fatty. Must stop eating when I’m full…
  2. Friday night, I’m out for a curry with some family friends. MORE FATTY.
  3. Saturday night, I’m out with a friend from uni, who’s visiting me for one night only. And Sunday, I’m sure I’ll need a fat pizza to recover.

Tomorrow night, however, I am going for a walk with my friend, who’s training to do a walking marathon, so it should all (somehow) equal itself out. I have also booked some gym sessions for next week. So as long as I’m good during the in between bits, I should be fine and hopefully will experience a bit more of a loss particularly if I stick to the 5:2 diet.

30 Day Fitness Challenges

In the name of keeping myself busy, I contacted the gym… But they don’t have any room to fit me in for any Personal Training sessions this week. So instead, I have decided to follow a couple of ’30 Day Fitness Challenges’, which I found on Facebook.

The first is the 30 Day Squat Challenge. I know there have been a few of these kicking about, but I’m following this one:


The second is the 30 Day Abs Challenge, and I think this is the one I’m going to struggle with more!


As its only the beginning of the month, I have decided not to use any rest days and keep going through until the days match the dates of August. I haven’t used my brain to see if this is actually possible…

I’m generally okay with squats; I do them all the time when I phase in and out of the 30 Day Shred and even when I do turn up to personal training sessions, but it has to be said, my abs are terrible! I don’t have a six pack – I have a beer barrel! I’m looking forward to seeing what results, if any, these two challenges have at the end of the month.

WLB – The Restart

I know I’ve not written about my weight since end of May, so I thought I’d give you an update and, of course, weigh in today (on Weigh In Wednesday) and show you how I’ve been getting on.

Generally, my diet has been okay. I’m still not sacrificing those foods that I love, but I am trying to watch what I eat as much as possible. I have now restarted the 5:2 diet after a few weeks off but I’ve found that, for me, it’s the most effective way for me to lose weight. I am using My Fitness Pal more than ever to record everything that I’m eating and drinking and whenever I’m being active. It’s a hugely useful tool for me; I’ve always got my phone on me and the ease of scanning barcodes of foods makes it quick and I don’t even have to think about logging foods. You, of course, can find me on My Fitness Pal – just search users and type in frannooooo and you’ll see my ugly mug! I’ve joined the Summer Slim Down Challenge and I’m part of the purple team. I don’t know if this is motivating me as much as I thought it would, and I just seem to be letting the side down more! But it’s good to have other people who are also looking to lose weight and we’re kinda inspiring each other from across the globe.

I am still using my FitBit and trying to walk 10K steps a day. Again, I’ve found the automatic syncing to my iPhone and to MFP have been really useful. I started Boot Camp a couple of weeks ago and, although I’m not training this week as I can’t fit it in (bloody wedding season!), it’s something I would definitely recommend. I always need to be told what to do so that I don’t cheat. If I wasn’t told to do something and someone wasn’t there watching me, I know I wouldn’t achieve my goal. And I obviously have been teaching a lot over the past ten weeks, either for my own lessons or for other teachers’ lessons!

Okay, so if we look at how I’ve been doing since my last WLB post until yesterday (Tuesday)…

weight loss

I’ve lost quite a substantial amount through the time I’ve not really been blogging! I’ve pushed through my half a stone and I’m well on my way to becoming a skinny minnie! My current aim is to lose 2lbs per week up until I’m at my ideal weight, which works out at 9 and a half weeks to get to where I want to be. However, there are some events in my life that are coming up where I know it probably won’t work like that!

For example, this weekend, I have a wedding to attend, as well as meeting up with the outlaws.

Next weekend, I have a long lost uni friend staying over.

The following weekend is my annual pilgrimage to V Festival in Chelmsford.

And then the weekend after that it’s bank holiday! Man, I love August, but my waistline doesn’t.

I think that, as long as I stick to the 5:2 diet and don’t go mad on my non-500 calorie days, I should be okay. I’ve just got to make sure that I track all over the place to keep in with my goal. This morning, I’ve weighed in before work and…

Today, I weigh 0.4lbs heavier than I did yesterday. That’s okay though. I did pig out a little bit. But now I’m on it like Sonic! Today is another non-500 cal day, but tomorrow, I’m back on it again. I’m not going mad with my calorie intake, but eating when I am hungry and staying within My Fitness Pal calorie goals.

How have you been doing with your weight loss? How much have you lost so far this year? What are your goals?