A Post About My Blog :)

Yesterday, the everso lovely Ms Red added me onto her blog as part of her new feature called “Introducing”, where she writes about the not-so-famous bloggers out and about at the moment.

I love reading Ms Red’s blog as she knows her stuff about beauty and skincare, and is completely honest with how she feels about a particular product. Her nail posts are particularly awesome 🙂

I am very privileged that she popped me on her blog and I hope that my readers will have a look at her blog to discover amazingly well written and awesome posts.

To read what she wrote about my blog, look here. Her blog lives here and she tweets here. If you’re a fairly new blogger, drop her an email and she might include you as well 🙂

Thanks again, Ms Red for this awesome opportunity to get my blog out there 🙂 And welcome to those who have found me through her post! Hope you enjoy!


Online Bingo.

So here I am at work, in the office on my own again. I’m still meant to be leafleting, but today, I am waiting for Ikea to deliver our office furniture into our new office and my other boss (the one who hasn’t had a baby four days ago!), well, her son’s got chicken pox and she can’t find a sitter.

There’s only so much one can do when it’s not nearly enrolment week and that’s stock take, or as soon as anyone calls, make sure they get onto the waiting list for the next course. I have done all of these. And I’ve answered all the emails possible and there wasn’t a single message on the answering machine this morning.

I started playing Online Bingo about a week ago now, just to pass the time. Seriously, if I’m bored, what’s wrong with trying to win a little bit of money? I deposited £20 and now I’ve used that all up, I’ve promised myself that I won’t deposit another £20 until next pay day. I won £31.95 and I’ve put that straight into my account. So I’m officially £11.95 up. Woop!

You wouldn’t have thought it to be so mesmorising. In fact, it’s not really – it’s just a bunch of numbered balls flashing up on the screen. But oh my goodness, is it addictive!

I currently have bingo on in the background at work, and it’s been on for about two hours now. I have been at work for three and a half hours. I’m on the game where you play for free, but you can win up to £15.00. I haven’t won anything yet, but I’m hopeful! I paid off £20.00 of my credit card bill today. If I win £15.00, I’ll only be £5 out of pocket!

I’m one of those people who never win anything as well. I have played the Lottery for about two years now and I have only ever won £2. The fact that I’m over a 10er up has spurred me on.

Definitely have an addictive streak in my personality…

A Catch Up

I know I haven’t kept up to date with this recently. I feel like I have to apologise. I’m sorry, guys. I have been out leafleting to the baby weigh in clinics of Essex, to try and find some more clients for our next term. We’re not doing too badly, actually – we have 100 on our waiting list and people are still calling, so it’s pretty good.

I’m really enjoying life right now. I’m having the best time with my job. Although leafleting is not an amazing job, to see results in more clients is definitely a bonus. For those who know me best, you’ll know I get slightly obsessed with random things like that – I suppose a little bit like my small (but frequent) obsession with blogging. On our computer office manager thingy, it shows you a percentage of utilisation from all the people who have enrolled. I get so excited, watching the numbers go up – it’s quite sad really.

At the moment, we’re 77.9% – and we’ve acquired another pool for our September term!. Thumbs up!

One of my bosses had her baby yesterday, so I think things are about to get busier! That’s another client! 100 101 on our waiting list 🙂

Ooh, I lost again this week, which is some more awesomeness, but I hoped it’d be more as I didn’t go over my points at all last week, so I was a bit disappointed. However, weight is still being lost, so thus I am still awesome. In fact, I’m so awesome, I am currently wearing a T shirt I bought which was too small for me. More thumbs up! We had fish ‘n’ chip shop chips after our weigh-in on Wednesday. Seriously, they should bottle the smell of fish ‘n’ chips for fat fighters like me. I would’ve eaten the whole shop if Sue wasn’t there to guide me out of the door…

I had a really good night in the pub last night. Yes, I got slightly very drunk. Yes, I abused Facebook like I always do. You guys know the deal. But I didn’t call my Nan at stupid o’clock, because it was St. Patrick’s day and I made sure I called her before I went out. I have decided that my family are pretty awesome. The lot of them. It’s a nice realisation. Maybe I’m still drunk.

AND I have my awesome bright red hair back again.

But pros and cons, my friends. Fred, my Tamagotchi (Alfred’s baby if you’re keeping up), ran away from me the other day. I just completely forgot to keep feeding him, because I’ve been so busy and I’ve put him on silent, so he doesn’t beep, so there was no way he could tell me he was hungry. So now we have Carl, who is still in my coat pocket and I haven’t even looked at him this morning… I’m not feeling the Tamagotchi thing so much anymore.

I should have started training for the big swim last night, but hair dye and drink seemed a whole lot more appealing… I have five months to get into shape and swim twenty one miles in seven days. God help me.

Also, it’s a shitty dreary day today and I am nursing a hangover in the office on my own. What I’d give for a McDonald’s breakfast right about now. They should deliver.

I have a busy few weeks coming up as well. Not only is this leafleting malarchy lasting all the way to the 2nd May (I know and we’re only in March!), I have a night out with my Mum and friends next Friday, curry with my friends the Thursday after, clubbing with some of the pub staff on the Friday, Jay’s granddad’s 80th birthday on the Saturday, Mum’s birthday the following Saturday… the list does go on. I suppose it’s better than being bored and doing nothing.

Tonight, it’s Comic Relief – one of my guilty pleasures that I watch every year alongside Children in Need and The Brits – and Jay promised me wine, although the very thought of alcohol is already turning my stomach. So a nice night in, considering we were both out last night and he’s probably feeling as rough as I do right now.

This weekend, Jay and I are going to see our V festival friends (for that is what they should be known as forever, even though Jay grew up with them!), Pete and Vikki. They live a while away from us and last time we saw them, we ended up drunk in a Mexican in Covent Garden. So we’ll be watching the rugby with them in a pub.

And Sunday, we’ll be driving home, via Tesco’s, so I can pick up some fruit and yoghurt to at least pretend I’m being healthy and good this weekend.

Half a stone down :)

HOORAY! Weigh in went really well last night. Although I had lost 6 and a half lbs so far, so I had to get to my half a stone this week, else there’d be hell to pay.

I am now 8lb down. So that’s another 6lb to reach a stone. So obviously, I’m going to do my very best to lose 3lb this week and 3lb the following week and then I’ll be completely awesome.

Obstacles this weekend:

  1. Pub with Mum on Friday – however I have been so good at not drinking in the pub, people are often mistaking me as my sober twin sister, Fern…
  2. Going to London with Jay where we are planning on drinking a lot. However, we are also planning on walking around a fair bit too, so hopefully the good will outweigh the bad and I will be team awesome.

Other news? Well, I’ve been taking better care of my facial skin. This was another of my new year’s resolution, remember? Due to lots of swimming, my skin had become this horrible scaley creature, but to put on lotion before getting in the pool is against the pool plant operators code of pollution. Oh yes, siree. But now I’m not swimming as much and I have time to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

And today, I’m taking my Mum for one of those fabulous fish pedicures. She’s coming to see me at 1pm and we’re going straight there. Hooray!! I’m feeling awesome today.

This week.

This week has been a complete write off. I wish it wasn’t. Stupid illness. The doctor said it was probably a virus, so she hasn’t given me a big ass pill that I wanted to make me better. She has advised me to drink lots of fluids and rest a lot. The slow and boring way to get better.

I hate being home all day when I know I’m meant to be at work. I slept in til about 11 (see, doctor? Plenty of rest!) but I had a productive day yesterday, pottering about the house. I mounted my CD wall tiles (see picture), I had a go at nPower, I did some washing… I even unloaded the dishwasher in the hope that we’d load the dishwasher last night with our dirty plates. We didn’t.

And I just remembered I didn’t put the rubbish out for the rubbish men this morning. Rubbish.

I ordered new bed sheets as well. I’m becoming very housewifey. I’m trying to get our house in order in my own little way, kinda making it homely-er. Honestly, I could spend a fortune in Next home furnishings and I’m dying to go to Ikea. It’s terrible.

I’ve ordered pictures of me and Jay to be printed for the photo frame that I’ve bought. We have no photos in the house at the moment. We have a canvas of my old dogs as puppies, which was another of my projects – that will also be finished.

I’m going on a mission! I’m going to ask my cousin to come and finish of some of the (patchy) painting around my house. Jay and I weren’t really cut out to be painters. I need an electrician to sort out some of our light fixings. I need to get someone else to install a Sky eye thing onto the TV in our bedroom. Things that have just been hanging for too long really. Especially because we’ve been there for about a year and a half now.

I don’t really know what’s brought this all on. I think if Dad was still here, he’d be going mad that we hadn’t sorted more of it out than what we have done.

Alfred was surprisingly good yesterday. He must’ve known I was ill. He’s in his own little violin trio thing now, as the music band version of the Tamagotchi goes… I don’t know what it means, but he’s never hungry or unhappy, so I’m a good Tamagotchi player!

I’ve been at work today and I’ve had a really productive day here too. I’ve laminated all these NOPs and EAPs (lifeguards, you know what I’m talking about!) for all of our pools that we use. That’s the huge disadvantage about working with pools. Everything has to be laminated. I suppose it beats all the bloody shredding I had to do as a receptionist. And I see instant results, which is fairly rewarding. The rest of the time, it’s just waiting for emails to come in. There haven’t been any emails for about an hour now.

Oh, I took on an enrolment today as well. It’s probably the last of the term, because we’re on week three next week, so they’ve missed the vital bits in weeks one and two. So the next term is in May and it’s nearly time to start marketing out of my ears for that. I can’t believe how quickly this year seems to be going. Mind you, we are only just on the third month of the year, so it’s not going all that quickly. It’s not as if it’s August already or anything.

Speaking of August. Really ecstatically happy with the V Festival line up this year. We always get our tickets as Early Bird tickets, so I’ve not been on hold all day to try and get some. Down side? Not camping. But I think it’ll be okay. The weekend is kind of what you make of it. And we’ll probably just go back to our’s, have a shower and a good night’s sleep (and a few drinks!) and it’ll be really good. A grown up version of V Festival, perhaps.

Gutted that Rihanna is headlining as I have already bought tickets to see her in October. But I will be taking my Mum and it’ll be better than the hour set that she’ll have at V Festival. Concerts are better than festivals. I think so, anyways. But I will never give up my V Festival weekend!

Well, it’s not August. It’s March. So this weekend, what am I doing? I’m lifeguarding some baby swimming lessons on Saturday. I don’t know what I’m doing Saturday night now. My almighty plan for Sunday has now been ruined, due to being ill and not being prepared for what I was doing. I’m a bit gutted about that, but what can you do?

I know I won’t be going swimming. Stupid swimming pool, giving me a virus.

That’s all, folks!

Alfred the Tamagotchi

My Tamagotchi arrived today. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you – Alfred!

Now, this is a Music Stars Tamagotchi. Alfred plays the violin. And his mate visited earlier and gave him a space rocket toy. However, I am slightly worried. I think he’s constipated as he’s only pooed once today.

I would like to reassure you that I’ve not had a mid life crisis. I just needed something to cure my boredom (see Cure For Boredom post) and I am craving buying a pet, which could result in anything. So I am taking my mind off of it with a virtual pet. I can even put him on silent, so people don’t think I’m weird.

I’m not weird, okay?

She loses! AGAIN!

Well, guys. It’s the post you’ve been waiting for. My weekly WW post.

I lost 3lbs! I am definitely awesome. So the no drinking thing worked. And I’m nearly half a stone lighter than I was three weeks ago.

The thing is I can’t actually see where I have lost that half a stone. I don’t know, I just feel exactly the same. No baggy clothes yet. Watch this space, I’m hoping for another 3lbs next week! Then I’ll be on target! Fran 3 – 2 WW.