The Poppin’ of my Newquay Cherry

I went down to Newquay at the weekend, in case you were unaware. Seriously, I post everything on social networks nowadays, so if you’re not my friend, you wouldn’t know! Needless to say, I had an amazing time!

I got down to Plymouth at about 10.30pm ish. Late, eh? Went straight to a house party for Cat’s birthday party 🙂 Was a nice and chilled evening and I discovered that I’m shockingly appalling at Mario Kart on the Wii! Stayed over Sam’s, then we got ready to go down to St. Austell to stay with Cat’s parents and ultimately prepare ourselves to party! Tuna Mayo sandwich to line my stomach and off we went, starting with some pink Champagne that Jenny had brought with her. She’d received it after leaving the Navy and though of that very occasion to pop the cork.

I didn’t really know what to expect of Newquay. Most of my Plymouth Uni mates had been down to Newquay and loved it, but some of my Plymouth local mates were like, “Yeah, it’s okay, but it’s not Plymouth!” so open-minded and stinking of Lacoste Touch of Pink, the old school Pavilions girls and I invaded Newquay!

We knew it was bad when we were on our way to the first bar and Sam kept flashing her arse at us, walking behind her! Hahaha! The first bar was a Spoons, so cheap drinks! 3 shots and 3 drinks later, we moved on. We must’ve been in about five or six bars or clubs and we only paid for entrance once for £2 – bargain! Drinks were reasonable, apart from in one club, the spirits tasted so watered down, Jenny couldn’t taste her Malibu over her Coke! Lots of stag do’s in Newquay at the weekend – the best one I saw was the groom-to-be dressed up as Willy Wonka and his ‘stags’ dressed up as Oompa Lumpas and every time they walked into a different club, they’d do the Oompa Lumpa dance!

Weird creepy guy followed us into the last club and tried to pull my face off, but I moved my head down and ended up headbutting him. Bloody idiot. I made a friend who was on day release and getting married on Thursday; as she walked past, I ‘cheers’ed her drink and ended up knocking it all over her! She was nice enough, although Sam thought she was going to stab me! Other than that, it was no drama and we actually stayed awake until 2am, thinking we’re far too old for this! After eating cheesy chips (and watching the peg-legged sea gull on the roof of the car, which freaked us all out when we’d had a few!), it was time to go back to Cat’s parents’ house and sleep off our booze. I still have the photos to upload from the weekend, so I’ll make sure I do that this evening and put one of the four of us at the top of this post.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel hungover the next day, although we did drink a fair amount. We decided it was good to get out of Plymouth and out of the drama of meeting people you didn’t want to meet, so we’ve decided to go to Brighton for our next girly weekend in hopefully July or September/October.

And then, I grabbed the train 🙂 The tubes were all up the wall, but luckily Dad had instructed me with what to do when they were all up the wall (grab the Bakerloo line!), so I was completely fine and home in good time.

Missed Jay a fair bit (as soppy as it sounds!) so we curled up on the sofa and watched Pirates of the Caribbean and then went to sleep 🙂 I was so tired, but it was so worth it 🙂