The Poppin’ of my Newquay Cherry

I went down to Newquay at the weekend, in case you were unaware. Seriously, I post everything on social networks nowadays, so if you’re not my friend, you wouldn’t know! Needless to say, I had an amazing time!

I got down to Plymouth at about 10.30pm ish. Late, eh? Went straight to a house party for Cat’s birthday party 🙂 Was a nice and chilled evening and I discovered that I’m shockingly appalling at Mario Kart on the Wii! Stayed over Sam’s, then we got ready to go down to St. Austell to stay with Cat’s parents and ultimately prepare ourselves to party! Tuna Mayo sandwich to line my stomach and off we went, starting with some pink Champagne that Jenny had brought with her. She’d received it after leaving the Navy and though of that very occasion to pop the cork.

I didn’t really know what to expect of Newquay. Most of my Plymouth Uni mates had been down to Newquay and loved it, but some of my Plymouth local mates were like, “Yeah, it’s okay, but it’s not Plymouth!” so open-minded and stinking of Lacoste Touch of Pink, the old school Pavilions girls and I invaded Newquay!

We knew it was bad when we were on our way to the first bar and Sam kept flashing her arse at us, walking behind her! Hahaha! The first bar was a Spoons, so cheap drinks! 3 shots and 3 drinks later, we moved on. We must’ve been in about five or six bars or clubs and we only paid for entrance once for £2 – bargain! Drinks were reasonable, apart from in one club, the spirits tasted so watered down, Jenny couldn’t taste her Malibu over her Coke! Lots of stag do’s in Newquay at the weekend – the best one I saw was the groom-to-be dressed up as Willy Wonka and his ‘stags’ dressed up as Oompa Lumpas and every time they walked into a different club, they’d do the Oompa Lumpa dance!

Weird creepy guy followed us into the last club and tried to pull my face off, but I moved my head down and ended up headbutting him. Bloody idiot. I made a friend who was on day release and getting married on Thursday; as she walked past, I ‘cheers’ed her drink and ended up knocking it all over her! She was nice enough, although Sam thought she was going to stab me! Other than that, it was no drama and we actually stayed awake until 2am, thinking we’re far too old for this! After eating cheesy chips (and watching the peg-legged sea gull on the roof of the car, which freaked us all out when we’d had a few!), it was time to go back to Cat’s parents’ house and sleep off our booze. I still have the photos to upload from the weekend, so I’ll make sure I do that this evening and put one of the four of us at the top of this post.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel hungover the next day, although we did drink a fair amount. We decided it was good to get out of Plymouth and out of the drama of meeting people you didn’t want to meet, so we’ve decided to go to Brighton for our next girly weekend in hopefully July or September/October.

And then, I grabbed the train 🙂 The tubes were all up the wall, but luckily Dad had instructed me with what to do when they were all up the wall (grab the Bakerloo line!), so I was completely fine and home in good time.

Missed Jay a fair bit (as soppy as it sounds!) so we curled up on the sofa and watched Pirates of the Caribbean and then went to sleep 🙂 I was so tired, but it was so worth it 🙂


“And it’s go, go, goooo…”

Last weekend, we went to Juan Les Pins. Literally, this is translated as John the Pins. Only joking, I don’t really know what it is translated as. We went for Jay’s Dad’s 50 something birthday and I really had a nice time with Jay and his family. We stayed in a real nice hotel, about a 5 minute walk from the beach (and beach bars) and actually spent most of our time in them!

Day one wasn’t all that bad – we landed at 2ish and were in a beach bar by 3. I got so drunk, I can’t really remember it. Jay had to take me home, although I was all up for going clubbing and had told Chloe (Jay’s sister) that we’re all going clubbing about 5 seconds before it was decided that I should go home. Woops!

Day two, we went to Monaco. One word: WOW. Although I had a day-long hangover, the sheer wealth of that place did not fail to overcome me! Jay wrote down a list of rare cars that he’d seen that day (I know, geek!) and there’s about 60 of them on the back of a receipt. We walked the Grand Prix track – Jay was so excited and he had such a nice day 🙂 I did not drink until dinner, as I was feeling so disgusting. Chloe’s friend, Mark lives in France and he came down to meet us. I had to take him back to the hotel as he’d reached his alcohol limit at around midnight after a strawberry daiquiri and a few glasses of wine!

Day three, we watched the Turkish Grand Prix on a sofa on the beach! And then went to watch Man United v Chelsea. Jay drank all day that day, as when I took Mark back to the hotel, he and Chloe went to the nightclub and got (what I like to call) uber-smashed, and he basically didn’t want to get a hangover. Logical, eh? We had some Thai food and drank outside a cocktail bar, watching Brazilian street performers. I still didn’t feel 100% – I’m not cut out for drinking anymore! – so I was on the non-alcoholic fruity cocktails, which were lovely and refreshing 🙂

Day four was a pack up and go day. We walked along the promenade, catching our last bit of French sun and then went to the airport 🙂

Work today has been difficult. It’s hard going to Dubai one week, the South of France the next and then adjusting back to work life! Such as life, eh? I’m in the office on my own again today and I have worked really hard. I’ve only enrolled one baby, but the rest of it has been dealing with emails and voicemails and other problems that we’ve had with our other pools.

This weekend, I am going to Plymouth. I am so excited! I haven’t been there since January, but it feels like a lot longer! I’ve got a house party to go to on Friday night to celebrate Cat’s birthday and then on Saturday, we’re going to Newquay. I have never ever been to Newquay before! It should be good fun – we’re going down with a few friends and partying the night away.

I feel bad as I won’t really be spending any time with Jay this week. I have made myself too busy, even for myself! Tonight, I’m going to dinner with Charlotte, for a much needed catch up! Tomorrow, I need to go for a swim in the morning before work and I have WW in the evening. On Thursday, I’m swimming before work and I have this dinner in memory of my Dad (hmm…). And on Friday, swimming before work in the morning, half day at work and then heading down to Plymouth! No Jay time 😦 Next week should be freer, and I’m only busy on Saturday night next week for this Mason’s dinner with Mum!

I have decided I am going to buy a puppy at the end of the year. Ha! Seriously, I have been persuaded that I want a puggle after seeing how frickin’ cute they are! Jay and I are talking about moving house, maybe somewhere more into town, so I’m sure all will be completely fine to get a puppy dawg 🙂 I just have to finish all my projects in our current house in order to put it up for rent (Yay, more income! Well, fingers crossed anyways!). I’ll start putting up some jobs on that builder website in June time when I have a little bit more money to spend on it. It only needs painting and putting up my TV on the bracket and things like that – easy things, really, but stuff I really rubbish at. The cutting in on our paint jobs are completely hideous so someone will have to go over them – and at a weekend, which the most costly thing about it.

Other than that, things are fabulous. My swimming training is going okay – I’m trying to fit in as much swimming as I can, but there have been a couple of occasions, like this morning, where I felt completely exhausted and haven’t gone. That will all change in the upcoming weeks, especially if I feel like I’m losing more weight than I have been. My budget has gone quite well actually, considering the holidays we have been on! I think that will all change, as I did have some birthday money this month, so next month will have to be a lot tighter. I have saved £200 from this month’s pay, but my next pay day is this Sunday — I’m hoping I’ll be paid on Friday to cover for my weekend! I will be buying my wardrobe in June or July, depending on how much I’ve saved altogether, which will make a huge difference to the house’s state! Clean washing is absolutely everywhere as I’ve ran out of space on my Primark rails (not actually from Primark, but that’s what they remind me of…) and Jay keeps stealing my hangers (but thinks I haven’t realised. I’m onto you!!).

This growing up malarkey is somewhat of a challenge! So much to do and so much little time to do it in. But I’m coping, sports fans. Just need one more to do list on top of the five current to do lists that I have!

The Hardest Course I’ve Ever Been On!

So if (again) you aren’t a friend or follower on the main (ish) social networking sites, you’ll have no idea that I went on my Parent and Child swimming training course. This was a combined course with the STA and my company (so all instructors are standardised in practises).

Firstly, this was in Devon. Hooray! Chance to see brother on his birthday and to go to Plymouth to see my university family. Big hoorays!

I completely underestimated how hard this course was going to be. I have done so many swimming courses, swimming health and safety is like second nature. But physically, the course was draining.

I drove down to Devon, dropping brother off at uni on the way. I say “on the way” – I had to drive half an hour back the way we’d come. We were staying at this Christian retreat. I was convinced they’d convert (or at the very least, try to convert) me to Christianity. They didn’t. It smelt like an old person’s home and I had 4 beds in my room – but I was there on my own, thank goodness!

The first day rolled around (on Sunday, the day that God rested and saw all was good). We had to do a presentation on these two books. One was about a crazy Russian who let babies swim on their own with dolphins, which was a good read, but when trying to read it late at night, you had to re-read, just to check you weren’t making it up. Then, in the pool we went.

I quite literally feel like my skin has grown scales. We were in the pool for at least 8 hours a day. I have turned a whiter shade of pale and my hair feels like straw. It was so intense – we had to run through a 40 week programme in 6 days. Wowzer.

It was so crazy, I was sick on Wednesday and wasn’t allowed in the water. I was so tired, I cried because I was angry, which if you know me, is out of character. I only cry when I’m sad.

But, my friends, it didn’t end there. I went to Exeter to have a night out with brother on his birthday, which was great fun! Met all his housemates, got pleasantly drunk. I think I was buzzing that I didn’t have to go in the water the day after.

Then, I drove to Plymouth. Unfortunately, by this time, I was running on empty. We went for a night out and at about 11pm, I started to fade. I just sat in the night club – pale with dark circles around my eyes and crazy hair – watching my friends, dance the night away.

Guys, I have never felt so exhausted. You would think, “Ok, Fran, go to bed now. Take it easy at work.” HELL. NO.



I have to do TWENTY. Twenty assessed lessons. And over two weeks, so I can take my first set of lessons in the middle of February. I’ve had four so far this week, one today and five tomorrow. That’s right. Five in one day. Back to back, near enough. So that’s ten more next week. And this is all for about an hour teaching during term. BLAHH!!

Anyways. Must go and cram my lesson plan. I am too nervous about today’s session. Loveskis.

What I got up to over the weekend…

Not a random title, just exactly what it says on the tin.

If you were living sin internet and smart phone, or you aren’t a member of social networking sites, you wouldn’t know that I went to Plymouth over the weekend. I get so uber excited when I go back there. It reminds me of a time full of freedom, clubbing and getting so drunk that you throw up all over your boyfriend. True story.

So I left work at 5.30 on Friday, after a pretty productive week and walked to London Bridge station, stopping by some random shop to buy me a bottle of wine for the train journey. I jumped on the tube (note: NEVER catch a London Bridge tube when you have a huge suitcase on your back on a Friday evening. Scrap that, never GO to London Bridge on a Friday evening unless you obviously have to) and got to Paddington pretty swiftish. My mum, being my mum, texted me worriedly that the trains were all delayed at Paddington, so I got on the one earlier, which departed around the same time as the one I was meant to get on before it got delayed.

Chilled back and enjoyed the journey. It’s pretty scenic going down to Plymouth – at one point, you actually ride by the sea and it’s all lovely. But it was dark. So didn’t see anything. At around 8.30pm, after texting Sam and finding out she had started drinking, I popped open my wine and drank. I looked like such a pikey, but when I went to the buffet to ask for a cup (not THAT much of a pikey to drink directly from the bottle), I noticed people were drinking tins as well. Must be because it’s a Friday.

The original plan was to get changed on the train, but this was soon scraped when the wine was going down too well… Train arrived around 11pm. I’d told my friend, Nick, that I was getting into the station then, so he met me there, we had a hug and a chat and then I jumped into a taxi to Sam’s, to drop my suitcase off and get ready, after telling Nick he was coming out with us.

I think it was the quickest turn around ever. I literally dropped my bag on her sofa, told her to order a cab and changed in her living room. I had JUST finished applying my make up when the taxi turned up and we went straight to the club.

Because we were so hyper about the fact I was down in Plymouth, we bounced around on the dancefloor, bumped into Sam’s friend, Holly, and continued bouncing until our feet hurt and we slumped on some sofas in the corner of the club. We even met One Direction look-a-likes (nawt!) and when I told them this, they asked if I wanted to take their picture. Apparently, I turned around and said, “Nah, you’re alright” and walked off. How rude of me!!

At 3am, we decided we were hungry and went to Jake’s (local take out) for some cheesy chips. We must’ve sat in there for ages talking about random bits, because it was about 4.30am when we got home! Home and bed, I think… That bit’s a bit fuzzy for me.

The next day, we got up, went to grab some lunch, took a sunbed and went to Tesco’s for our night time drink. We felt pretty tired and agreed on a mid-afternoon nap. We got back to Sam’s at around 4ish, but Sam started getting a bit hyper! So, we watched TV and cracked open the drink at 5! We had a house party to go to, but that wasn’t until 8! So we started getting ready at around 6, because it was Halloween and we wanted to take our time, obviously!

It took us 3 attempts to get Sam’s cat whiskers right! And I also did Sam’s smokey eye make up and put army stripes across my (perfectly!) made up face, which was heart breaking! Just as well we started early!

We got to Liz’s at 8.30pm, after an eventful journey, when I was busting for the toilet and told Sam that I didn’t want to pop the cherry and she was like, “Don’t you mean break the seal??!” and we laughed so hard, because I was so ridiculously drunk. I was SMASHED. But I think it was because I was hyper too, everyone at the party (and the taxi driver) just thought I was blazed. Liz and her house mates had gone to so much trouble for their house party – it was really good. Ping pong eyeballs in the punch, nice little buffet. They had bought paper plates, cups and napkins that had red hand prints on them and every time someone new came in, I’d shout “LOOK, [insert name here]! Hand made CUPS!!” and everyone would groan, like I was the embarrassing auntie at a wedding.

A lot of my old swimming pool mates were there and it was so good to catch up! Then, Ben said, as he does every time we meet up, “LET’S PLAY A DRINKING GAME!” and we ended up playing Bunnies, which was our favourite drinking game when we used to go out. Sam and I get super competitive with it, and I think all the people who didn’t know us completely wanted to know us then! Ben told Sam and I that his wife had told him not to get too drunk as we’re a bad influence and I’d come up with our joint name. Fram. This was used A LOT over the evening.

Then we decided to go out. This was at 11pm again! Sam had to go and see a friend to wish her a happy birthday, so Sam, Ben and I went to Union Rooms (aka Onions) to wish her a happy birthday. We stood there for half an hour and didn’t bother getting a drink, and Ben and I decided to go and get in queue for Revolutions (only next door!). So we left Sam to her friend and wandered off. We were waiting in the queue for a few minutes, when Tom Roberts (he’s pretty much my Plymouth brother!) told us to go to Walkabout. So we texted Sam (and Paul, because we were meeting him out) and wandered into the queue for Walkabout. As soon as we got to the front, the bouncer asked us for ID and Ben turned to me and said, “Oh, I knew this would happen.” Turns out Ben had sent all his ID off, marriage certificate and all! But he SHOULDN’T have got ID’ed anyways, because he’s 26!! GRR! So I called Sam and Paul, and we waited for them.

When Paul showed up with his younger brother, Jack, we ultimately decided to go back to Onions, because Ben had got in there already, so we could go and drink! Hooray!! AND Jack works at Onions, so cheaper drinks!! Double Hoorays!! So we danced and danced and took some stupid photos – LOTS of stupid photos!! – and Laura turned up (someone ELSE I used to work with!) and we kept dancing and taking stupid photos, until Laura wanted to go to Oceana, so we were like, “YEAH, let’s go!” but Sam had lost her buzz 😦

We decided to go to Goodbody’s for a fat breakfast, which I didn’t eat (I’m on a diet, you know!) – but the boys had like, a steak breakfast each! And then, as we were leaving, we saw Tom Roberts and Liz in the queue for Goodbody’s! Annoying!!

Sam and I jumped into another cab, happy that we went out. Got in at about 3.30am again. Overall, I had THE BEST weekend. It’s good to go back to where you used to let your hair down and completely let loose for 2 nights. Already planning the next one… 🙂

Two Day Hangover from HELL!

So, as you’re probably aware, I went to Plymouth last weekend. I was super excited about it all! It’s good to get away, I deserve a break, because work’s been crazy and my line manager wasn’t here to help. She was on stupid holiday for 2 weeks. ANYWAYS. STUPIDLY excited about going to Plymouth! And it started like this!

Grabbed a train after work, read my book the WHOLE way down there and got to Plymouth at around 11.00pm. Checked in, saw my friend Sonia, who I didn’t realise worked in the hotel, watched Friday Night With Jonathan Ross until I fell asleep.

Woke up on Saturday morning, wandered into town, got some breakfast from the Cafe Galleria. The place was invaded by old people, felt instantly too young to be there. But crumpets and water was good! Done a little bit of shopping to complete my outfit for Saturday night. Went back to my hotel room, tried on my outfit, looked smokin’. Got dressed in day clothes and went to the China House to wait for Anouska to pick me up with Dave 🙂 And we picked Mark up too.

Drove (got a bit lost) to Ben’s new house, which was really cute. It had like a secret garden feel to it. Very nice house, nonetheless. Ate foods. I drank 1 Pimms, and some strawberry lemonade. Others drank more Pimms, cider and beers. Very nice catch up with good friends from my MBM course 🙂

Anouska and Dave drove me back to the China House. Went into hotel room. Chilled for about an hour or so. Started getting ready, whilst texting my drinking buddy, Sam – who was already drinking! Got ready, whilst listening to the UK Top 40 on 4Music. Walked all the way down Royal Parade to the Union Rooms. Met up with Sam and started drinking wine, knowing full well that I shouldn’t drink wine, it makes me drunk quickly.

More friends arrived in the shape of Cat, Amber, Ben, Laura and Kate. Amber and Sam ordered paninis, Ben ordered chips, which we ate. Amber went because she had work the next day 😦 Got a taxi (I think…) to the Barbican. Turned up in a random bar, Ben bought me a drink, which I didn’t care what it was. It was cider. I swapped drinks with him. Peeps didn’t enjoy the loud live music, so we wandered over to Wow club.

I’d never been there before, and I don’t remember buying a drink here, so my drink count so far is about 6. Started having a boogie on the dance floor, whilst texting my brother-from-another-mother, Tom… HE TURNED UP. And I was so excited. I hadn’t seen him for about a year! And I love him! He’s so great. Although all of my memories of him involve him being really annoying and throwing things at me. Met his other half, who seemed really nice and cool. Drunkenly told her if she wanted to slag him off behind his back, she can to me… Don’t know why I did that…

Friends wanted to move onto View 2, so we did. Saw another Tom (again, another person I hadn’t seen for about a year). Didn’t drink in here either… Didn’t boogie, feet were hurting so sat down most of the time we were in here. Peeps started going home, coz they were all lame and tired and stuffs. Then, Laura, 2nd Tom and I left the club… And I remember getting into a taxi. Got to my hotel, went to the reception desk, bought breakfast. Sonia was there again! Drunken conversation with Sonia, texted a few peeps (that I only saw when I woke up..), downed a few (tiny) glasses of water and slept.

Woke up on Sunday, went for breakfast. Still drunk. Food didn’t taste as good as last time boyfriend and I went down, but it was lining my stomach. Back to room, chilled out a bit more. Felt a LOT sick. Texted a few friends about last night. Apologised to a few friends after reading drunken texts from last night. Checked out, jumped into a taxi, got to the station. Drank milkshake and Lucozade to try and cure my hangover. It didn’t. Hungover the WHOLE way on the train. Lady who sat next to me kept telling me the football score. We lost. Referee’s a…

Got to London, ate a little more. Got a taxi to my other train, because it was so hot that I didn’t want to face the tube. Plus the match was only just over and I could see so many people being in a bad mood. Waited an hour for my next train to arrive. Man asked me if I was ok, as I was sitting on a bench with my head in my hands. Told him I was severely hungover. Jumped on train, got home, curled up in a ball. Started watching ‘Snatch’ with boyfriend – got annoyed when he started speaking the script over the top of the film. Drank a LOT of water, took paracetomal. No effect.

Woke up today. Still not feeling great. Ate breakfast, made me feel WORSE. Drank water all day. No effect. *sigh* I’m getting too old for this…

A GREAT weekend, nonetheless. I just can’t believe I am suffering this bad from 6 drinks. Wine sucks.

Motivation has kicked in…

Today, I am pretty motivated to lose weight. And it’s nothing to do with the realisation of holiday coming up in 2 weeks and Plymouth in 4 weeks..

Ok, maybe it has.

I’m going to try and do something active everyday. And I don’t just mean walking from the station to work. I have to go to the gym everyday next week or go for a run. I have to stop eating as much as I have this weekend – and probably start following the Slimming World diet plan a little bit more, considering my weight keeps bouncing up and down every week as I’m not following it properly.

Really going to make an effort for the upcoming weeks. Something that my Dad would’ve been very proud of.

… And I just realised how boring my life is…

This is just a message to say thanks for your kind words on my previous blog. It did mean a lot to me and it made me feel a lot better just releasing all of my thoughts on everything, particularly my memories 🙂 But thanks for enjoying it.

I’m at work today. The weather is super nice so it makes me not want to work. It’s so sunny! I wonder if anyone has actually called up and told work they aren’t coming in because of the weather. I’m sure sickies have a strong correlation with good weather.

I don’t have anything too serious to write about today, so I’m just going for a ramble really. I’m going to Plymouth in a month’s time for the weekend, whilst boyf’s in Germany on business. I’m so excited! There’s something about Plymouth that I just love, but can’t put my finger on it. Obviously, the friends — goes without say! But Plymouth in the summer is extra good because its by the coast and it’s almost a crime not to be drinking whilst the sun’s up! Everything seems a lot slower down there than in London. People just plod along at their own pace, rather than jump into the river of pedestrians and trying to keep up with the flow. I think if I lived and worked down there, it’d make me more lazy than I already am. It’s not as if I was extremely lazy when I lived down there throughout university; I had lectures to go to and shifts to work. The sad thing but also best thing about Plymouth is it’s domination by students. I don’t think it’s an ‘old person’ city. But maybe that’s why I love it so much: it encapsulates my youth! Although, I’m only early twenties, ha!!

I feel old nowadays because my ‘little’ brother is 19 (that’s right, the tender age of 19) and he’s taller than me, my younger cousin who’s 17 can now legally drive! But my grandparents look exactly the same. They look exactly how I remember them to be when I was a little’un. Why is that? I’m starting to get my first set of wrinkles and frantically checking my hair isn’t grey (it wouldn’t be with the different colours I’ve had put on it) and they look as if they’re still in their 50-somethings. I wonder if that’ll happen to me. Fingers crossed that’s in my genes!

I have definitely got the blogging bug, but four posts in and I’m wondering if I can really keep this up everyday! I have been researching other people’s blogs and the events of their life are so… exciting!! Mine are so dull right now. All I do is work, go home and sleep. Work, go home and sleep. Oh, and then I’ll go spinning class. And then, see my Mum. And go home and sleep.

Need some excitement, maaan!!