Ozzy’s First Puppy Party

As promised, I said I wouldn’t blog about Ozzy too much, as this should be an Ozzy-free zone. BUT Ozzy is actually having a better social life than I am at the moment, and I thought I’d share what he’s been up to, just in case you have a puppy and are looking for ideas to keep them amused. Before buying Ozzy, I had read somewhere that socialisation for puppies is really important, meeting different types of people, dogs and animals in general; trust me, the dog has had more socialisation than any other living being I know!

Since Ozzy has not been allowed in the office (meeeew 😦 ), my Mum has been amazing at looking after him, as well as her two boxer dogs – well, 18 month old boxers are still in the mindset of being puppies. She’s been looking after Ozzy every weekday that I’ve been at work and I really, really appreciate it, especially because this change came out of nowhere.

Taking care of three dogs (especially when one is not completely house-trained at her house!) is really hard work and so, Mum and I started looking at puppy day cares, particularly for Ozzy, because we think he needs to meet other dogs his own age. We found one close to us and Ozzy had his induction last week, just to see if he gets on with other dogs (which he obviously does!) and we signed him up for his first session on Monday. Mum booked him in to pick him up at 3.30pm in case he got stressed out, but he was so happy and tired from running around with the other pups, he could’ve probably stayed longer. Needless to say, Ozzy slept all the way home and most of Monday evening and we’ve booked him in again for Thursday. Mum’s going to be putting him in there when she’s out of the house or if she just fancies a day off, and I’ll be putting him in there when I go on holiday. I’m so happy we found somewhere awesome for him during the day, because I know Cooper and Lexi can sometimes be really hard work for him as he’s so small and runs under chairs to get away from them…

The other week, the vets called us up and offered us a place at their puppy parties, which they hold on Tuesday evenings, just so puppies can interact with each other really and teaching them the basic commands. Ozzy already sits and lays down on command, but he doesn’t come back when I call his name (sometimes he comes back for Jay… because they’re best friends and I’m just the hand that feeds him!), and this is something really important to us, as we live by a main road and we don’t want him running into the road if the door opens. The puppy classes are for five weeks and don’t cost a lot, because I think it’s going to be a bit of a run around for the pups than a strict ‘do this, do that’ class, but I’m looking forward to it all the same.

Ozzy had a bloody amazing time. He’s definitely the class clown! There’s five of us in a class, and it’s more about our puppies interacting with other puppies. All of them were around his age and there was a massive dog (I can’t remember the name of the breed, but he was black, huge and fluffy!) called Doogie and a little tiny Westie called Lily and a shaggy dog (I can’t remember his breed at all!) called Sherlock – Ozzy was going to be called this at one point. Ozzy has befriended a labradoodle called Harry and the pair of them were pretty inseperable, chasing each other around and tumbling all over the place. He was definitely the craziest dog, running around and jumping on everyone, but was also the cutest (I’m not biased) and people were really surprised when I told them he was a pug beagle cross – a lot of people just see beagle in him now. I’m glad we went because he managed to sleep all night, and recently he’s been waking us up at 4.30am. He was even knackered and not in the mood for playing when I dropped him to Mum’s this morning, so the puppy party did what I suppose it was meant to. I also learned that fleas aren’t that small and ticks rattle in a test tube when they’re shaken. I also learned that Ozzy is house trained at mine and Nan’s and not at Mum’s because it’s Cooper’s territory, so Ozzy needs extra training at Mum’s.

Success. And I can’t wait until next week to do it all again 🙂