Good morning!

This morning, I took Jay to the train station, so I’m awake a whole hour and a half earlier than I usually am! So I thought I’d blog a little.

My wardrobe is semi-built. Tiny Hooray. Just because I have to drill the parts together and I’m not confident in doing that all by myself… So I’m gonna try and get my Uncle to do it for me!

I haven’t swam much at all this week. Only for one session. I have been super busy with work and my new Zumba obsession that the swim has kinda been on the back burner. I have now raised a crazy £4,090 for my swim. I am going to swim for 3 hours this Sunday. My first full session. Eek.

Jay is away this weekend. He’s doing a challenge in July which is all cycling and mountain climbing so he’s off cycling from his parents’ house to Norfolk and back, so I got a whole weekend to myself again.

Times like these, puppy is required. Although on Saturday, Mum and I are meeting up with Dad’s old secretary in London for lunch. I don’t know if I’m looking forward to that or not. I’ve only met her once at Dad’s memorial dinner. I dunno. It’s good to meet people who knew my Dad’s city life, I suppose. But it’s not really fun to see people you don’t actually know.

So, a busy weekend. I have sorted out my holidays at work and it looks like we can get the puppy on 10th December as I can take holiday for the rest of the year from Monday 12th. I’m waiting for my bosses to say it’s fine – then I’ll be counting down the months, weeks and days.

I have been working so hard at work and really have been trying to exceed myself. It would be awesome if I could get a bonus at Christmas but I doubt that it’s that kind of job with bonuses!

Time for a bit of a nap before work haha.


The Poppin’ of my Newquay Cherry

I went down to Newquay at the weekend, in case you were unaware. Seriously, I post everything on social networks nowadays, so if you’re not my friend, you wouldn’t know! Needless to say, I had an amazing time!

I got down to Plymouth at about 10.30pm ish. Late, eh? Went straight to a house party for Cat’s birthday party 🙂 Was a nice and chilled evening and I discovered that I’m shockingly appalling at Mario Kart on the Wii! Stayed over Sam’s, then we got ready to go down to St. Austell to stay with Cat’s parents and ultimately prepare ourselves to party! Tuna Mayo sandwich to line my stomach and off we went, starting with some pink Champagne that Jenny had brought with her. She’d received it after leaving the Navy and though of that very occasion to pop the cork.

I didn’t really know what to expect of Newquay. Most of my Plymouth Uni mates had been down to Newquay and loved it, but some of my Plymouth local mates were like, “Yeah, it’s okay, but it’s not Plymouth!” so open-minded and stinking of Lacoste Touch of Pink, the old school Pavilions girls and I invaded Newquay!

We knew it was bad when we were on our way to the first bar and Sam kept flashing her arse at us, walking behind her! Hahaha! The first bar was a Spoons, so cheap drinks! 3 shots and 3 drinks later, we moved on. We must’ve been in about five or six bars or clubs and we only paid for entrance once for £2 – bargain! Drinks were reasonable, apart from in one club, the spirits tasted so watered down, Jenny couldn’t taste her Malibu over her Coke! Lots of stag do’s in Newquay at the weekend – the best one I saw was the groom-to-be dressed up as Willy Wonka and his ‘stags’ dressed up as Oompa Lumpas and every time they walked into a different club, they’d do the Oompa Lumpa dance!

Weird creepy guy followed us into the last club and tried to pull my face off, but I moved my head down and ended up headbutting him. Bloody idiot. I made a friend who was on day release and getting married on Thursday; as she walked past, I ‘cheers’ed her drink and ended up knocking it all over her! She was nice enough, although Sam thought she was going to stab me! Other than that, it was no drama and we actually stayed awake until 2am, thinking we’re far too old for this! After eating cheesy chips (and watching the peg-legged sea gull on the roof of the car, which freaked us all out when we’d had a few!), it was time to go back to Cat’s parents’ house and sleep off our booze. I still have the photos to upload from the weekend, so I’ll make sure I do that this evening and put one of the four of us at the top of this post.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel hungover the next day, although we did drink a fair amount. We decided it was good to get out of Plymouth and out of the drama of meeting people you didn’t want to meet, so we’ve decided to go to Brighton for our next girly weekend in hopefully July or September/October.

And then, I grabbed the train 🙂 The tubes were all up the wall, but luckily Dad had instructed me with what to do when they were all up the wall (grab the Bakerloo line!), so I was completely fine and home in good time.

Missed Jay a fair bit (as soppy as it sounds!) so we curled up on the sofa and watched Pirates of the Caribbean and then went to sleep 🙂 I was so tired, but it was so worth it 🙂

Too many hangovers…

Well, diet followers, you’ll be (not angry but) disappointed to read that I failed my diet this week. Well, not week. More weekend.

St. Patrick’s Day, I got more than a bit merry and suffered an intolerable hangover all day on Friday.

Friday night, I ate nachos with plenty of (low fat) cheese and (low fat) sour cream to try and soothe hangover.

Saturday, although feeling a little ropey, I decided not to drink at all that much… but was still drinking voddy diets whilst watching the rugby. Then I moved onto the wine at dinner, which I really shouldn’t have done, but it did complement my lemon crème brulee… And then back on the voddys. It resulted in me, dancing like a loon until 11pm, where I felt distinctly unwell… Vikki and I walked home as the boys stayed out drinking until 3am.

Sunday, after driving home (probably shouldn’t have…), I went for lunch with Charlotte. After wrapping my fingers around a chicken burger, felt the grossness that is nausea and ran to the toilet. Not once. Twice.

Do I feel bad for letting my diet slip this much? Not really. I had a really good weekend with Jay and friends. And the reason why I felt so bad at the time is because I am 9lbs lighter and I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to!

I’m back onto diet today, but had a bad night’s sleep, so won’t be swimming to burn off the calories. I must start training soon!

So far at work today, I have painted my finger nails, emailed all the weekend emailers and looked at quotes to get my light switches fixed. I’m in the office today, waiting for IKEA office furniture to be delivered, which is any time between 10am and 2pm. Ergh! Haven’t had breakfast yet – not really felt like I’ve needed any food – but will go for an early lunch and make sure I eat my points.

If I’ve lost weight this week, it’ll be some kinda miracle.

A Catch Up

I know I haven’t kept up to date with this recently. I feel like I have to apologise. I’m sorry, guys. I have been out leafleting to the baby weigh in clinics of Essex, to try and find some more clients for our next term. We’re not doing too badly, actually – we have 100 on our waiting list and people are still calling, so it’s pretty good.

I’m really enjoying life right now. I’m having the best time with my job. Although leafleting is not an amazing job, to see results in more clients is definitely a bonus. For those who know me best, you’ll know I get slightly obsessed with random things like that – I suppose a little bit like my small (but frequent) obsession with blogging. On our computer office manager thingy, it shows you a percentage of utilisation from all the people who have enrolled. I get so excited, watching the numbers go up – it’s quite sad really.

At the moment, we’re 77.9% – and we’ve acquired another pool for our September term!. Thumbs up!

One of my bosses had her baby yesterday, so I think things are about to get busier! That’s another client! 100 101 on our waiting list 🙂

Ooh, I lost again this week, which is some more awesomeness, but I hoped it’d be more as I didn’t go over my points at all last week, so I was a bit disappointed. However, weight is still being lost, so thus I am still awesome. In fact, I’m so awesome, I am currently wearing a T shirt I bought which was too small for me. More thumbs up! We had fish ‘n’ chip shop chips after our weigh-in on Wednesday. Seriously, they should bottle the smell of fish ‘n’ chips for fat fighters like me. I would’ve eaten the whole shop if Sue wasn’t there to guide me out of the door…

I had a really good night in the pub last night. Yes, I got slightly very drunk. Yes, I abused Facebook like I always do. You guys know the deal. But I didn’t call my Nan at stupid o’clock, because it was St. Patrick’s day and I made sure I called her before I went out. I have decided that my family are pretty awesome. The lot of them. It’s a nice realisation. Maybe I’m still drunk.

AND I have my awesome bright red hair back again.

But pros and cons, my friends. Fred, my Tamagotchi (Alfred’s baby if you’re keeping up), ran away from me the other day. I just completely forgot to keep feeding him, because I’ve been so busy and I’ve put him on silent, so he doesn’t beep, so there was no way he could tell me he was hungry. So now we have Carl, who is still in my coat pocket and I haven’t even looked at him this morning… I’m not feeling the Tamagotchi thing so much anymore.

I should have started training for the big swim last night, but hair dye and drink seemed a whole lot more appealing… I have five months to get into shape and swim twenty one miles in seven days. God help me.

Also, it’s a shitty dreary day today and I am nursing a hangover in the office on my own. What I’d give for a McDonald’s breakfast right about now. They should deliver.

I have a busy few weeks coming up as well. Not only is this leafleting malarchy lasting all the way to the 2nd May (I know and we’re only in March!), I have a night out with my Mum and friends next Friday, curry with my friends the Thursday after, clubbing with some of the pub staff on the Friday, Jay’s granddad’s 80th birthday on the Saturday, Mum’s birthday the following Saturday… the list does go on. I suppose it’s better than being bored and doing nothing.

Tonight, it’s Comic Relief – one of my guilty pleasures that I watch every year alongside Children in Need and The Brits – and Jay promised me wine, although the very thought of alcohol is already turning my stomach. So a nice night in, considering we were both out last night and he’s probably feeling as rough as I do right now.

This weekend, Jay and I are going to see our V festival friends (for that is what they should be known as forever, even though Jay grew up with them!), Pete and Vikki. They live a while away from us and last time we saw them, we ended up drunk in a Mexican in Covent Garden. So we’ll be watching the rugby with them in a pub.

And Sunday, we’ll be driving home, via Tesco’s, so I can pick up some fruit and yoghurt to at least pretend I’m being healthy and good this weekend.

Half a stone down :)

HOORAY! Weigh in went really well last night. Although I had lost 6 and a half lbs so far, so I had to get to my half a stone this week, else there’d be hell to pay.

I am now 8lb down. So that’s another 6lb to reach a stone. So obviously, I’m going to do my very best to lose 3lb this week and 3lb the following week and then I’ll be completely awesome.

Obstacles this weekend:

  1. Pub with Mum on Friday – however I have been so good at not drinking in the pub, people are often mistaking me as my sober twin sister, Fern…
  2. Going to London with Jay where we are planning on drinking a lot. However, we are also planning on walking around a fair bit too, so hopefully the good will outweigh the bad and I will be team awesome.

Other news? Well, I’ve been taking better care of my facial skin. This was another of my new year’s resolution, remember? Due to lots of swimming, my skin had become this horrible scaley creature, but to put on lotion before getting in the pool is against the pool plant operators code of pollution. Oh yes, siree. But now I’m not swimming as much and I have time to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

And today, I’m taking my Mum for one of those fabulous fish pedicures. She’s coming to see me at 1pm and we’re going straight there. Hooray!! I’m feeling awesome today.

New Blog Space :)

I had been uming and ahing about changing the location of my blog for quite a while and I thought a lot of people I know are on WordPress, so why not give it a go?

It’s a lot more computer-y than blogspot, so I would recommend blogspot definitely for your first blog. Just fancied a change, I guess. And a lot of people who wanted to subscribe to my blog weren’t getting any email notifications from blogspot. Anyways, please feel free to subscribe and you will receive emails from my new blog posts. Fun, eh?

So I might as well write what I got up to this weekend, although what I did get up to was pretty boring… But here goes – first WordPress blog post, so stand by!

On Friday after work, I went to Pizza Choo Choo (read: Pizza Express) with my friend, Charlotte. We’re both on diets, so opted for the rather boring margharita pizza. Charlotte was more daring and had onions on her’s – talk about pushing the boat out! After lots of waiting on service (sad times), talking and watching Charlotte fall down by her car in fits of laughter (see video below), I received a text from my Mum inviting me out to the pub.

Now, because of my shocking weight loss, I’d made the mature decision to not drink this week, with the hope that I will lose about a stone this week (fingers crossed, eh?) so I decided to drive and, after four attempts at parking my car, we were in the pub. Mum, nursing a Barcardi and fat bottled Coke, and me with my Diet Coke from the tap.

Wow, the pub is boring when you’re not drinking.

Anyways, as I was designatedly driving, I dropped my Uncle Pat home and then drove my Mum home at around midnight. Jay was already asleep when I got home, so I curled up next to him and pretty much passed out from tiredness.

Saturday, I had an hour’s work to do at one of the pool’s near where I live. Basically, because beginners have started their new term at the swimming pool this week, I have to give a mini-induction as to where the changing rooms are, who the instructor is and fit the baby with a ‘happy nappy’. A ‘happy nappy’ is kinda a set of swim shorts that goes over the aqua nappy, but clings to baby’s legs and waist to make sure nothing nasty gets out of the pool – lurvely. I had to fit a six month baby with a large happy nappy. He had rolls like a bulldog puppy. Bless him. He was called Alexander. Why would you not shorten his name to Alex?

After that, I went around to my Mum’s and Jay got his hair cut, I got my hair coloured and cut and Mum got her hair coloured and cut. We have an amazing hairdresser, who I’ve known since she was a baby. She wasn’t cutting hair then. But she’s on maternity leave from Toni and Guy, so she comes around to our house and does our hair for us. She brought her baby, Ruby, yesterday – she’s one of my pupils when I teach on Wednesday afternoons 🙂

Last night, Jay and I attempted cooking one of the Weight Watchers recipes, thinking it would taste like cardboard. We were pleasantly surprised. Because it served four, I had a quarter and Jay had three quarters – but he had been for a super long run.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night – a lot of things were playing on my mind, so whereas Jay went to bed at 8.30, I went to bed at 1am. I am pretty tired today, so we’ve taken it easy. We were going to take Mum’s puppies out for a walk, but we couldn’t get in contact with her, so we went to Tesco’s instead and we’ve bought the ingredients for Paella tonight (WW version, of course!)

And that’s about all that happened this weekend. Now I’ve moved my blog over and Jay’s playing computer games. We’ll probs make paella soon and fall asleep. A nice, chilled weekend.

Weekends should be longer…

I had THE best weekend. Minus little girl who cries in my class every week still crying and making me feel guilty.

So here’s what happened on Saturday.

Taught in the morning. Aforementioned girl crying. Two newbies starting. Bit annoying as I’m writing badges this week, so kinda had to assess my already children, rather than concentrate whether newbies can swim or not! Anyway.

Got my haircut 🙂 My hairdresser, Nicola, works at Toni and Guy, but she’s been a lifelong friend, really. She’s just had a baby called Ruby and I met her. She is so TINY. She was 6 weeks premature and she’s 6 weeks old now. Mum says I was that size when I was BORN! So it’s like, woah! Nic asked if I wanted to hold her and I said no, because I’d probably drop her!

Then, went home, watched a film. (500) Days Of Summer. Was good to watch because we never watch girly films at home anymore. The television is taken over by Top Gear or Formula 1 or football or cricket. When I’m rich enough, I’m going to buy another Sky box, which will be my very own!

After film, we got ready and went to the pub because Lunchie was back from his latest Thailand stint. Can’t remember much after that, just remember seeing the pub clock at 2.30am…

Sunday was huge pyjama and hangover day. I love days like that. We literally do nothing but watch TV and sleep. Then I checked my emails and I had an email from the National Lottery saying there was some exciting news about my ticket. Loading that page never took so long. I won £2! The rollover on Wednesday is £82million! Oh my God, I would give up work and sleep in that money all day! We ordered pizza, which was some more huge hangover day.

Weekends should definitely be more like this. And 5 days longer.