WLB Week 16

I’m going to be honest right here, right now. I haven’t been paying attention to my weight this week. I know, I know, shock horror, right? But with all my birthday celebrations going on, I felt like I needed a (-nother) week off. I am back on it like Sonic, and I started my Slim Fast diet yesterday, so fingers crossed, this’ll be something that will aid my weight loss awesomely.

Fit Bit have changed their layout, so my graph looks a bit more flamboyant this week than previous weeks. It’s taking a while for my eyes to adjust, but here it is, in all its glory:

The good thing about the new graph is that you can actually make it between two dates. This graph is between 18th April and today. And it reckons I’ve lost 2lbs, which is good, eh? But it’s all gain 1lb, lose 1lb in my graph over the past couple of weeks. I haven’t been taking it seriously, but here’s the kick up my arse that I needed.

I am going to start the gym this week (really!) and I am awaiting for Jay to write me a gym programme as he’s good at this sort of thing. I need to start walking a lot more again, as this has been slacking, due to being so busy at work that I haven’t had a break to myself for walking around the office or around the high street – plus the weather has been shocking!

I do have a hen do that I’m attending for a weekend on 4th May (sigh), so I just have to make sure I don’t drink too much or eat too much or do anything too much. And prepack Slim Fast stuff, so I don’t stray.

Other than that, I’m working hard over the next week, but I think the Slim Fast diet will be quite easy to stick to as long as I plan ahead. For work on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I will be bringing in a milkshake with me, so I won’t raid the vending machines.

I have invested in the Fit Bit trainer, at £40 per year. It increases how many calories you should be burning and this week, I am meant to be burning 886 calories per day. That doesn’t sound like much, but I had to do 10,000 steps, just to get there. It’s hard to reach the steps when you sit in front of a desk all day…

I am feeling a bit more positive now that I’ve got the massive events out of the way for this part of the year. Not long until my summer holiday. Hopefully I’ll lose everything by then, if I stick to the diet and the trainer. Yes. Eep.


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